ipolog is used across diverse industries for holistic assembly and logistics planning

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Holistic Assembly and Logistics Planning!

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Our software for assembly and logistics planning is used across all industries in all planning phases and in operational optimization. Our customers are companies of various sizes, which are facing great challenges due to increasingly complex products and an increasing number of variants. The digitalization and simulation of production processes in ipolog creates a holistic picture of the assembly and logistics processes. Processes become transparent, fields of action become visible and increasing complexity becomes controllable.

With ipolog you can increase efficiency by up to 30 percent. An investment in the future that pays off every day!

ipolog for automotive manufacturers

Automotive Manufacturers

The industry is characterized by fast innovation cycles, increasing individualization of products and increasing market fluctuation. This makes optimally planned assembly and logistics essential for automobile manufacturers. ipolog allows you to optimize your assembly, reduce logistics expenditures and standardize the planning process.

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ipolog for automotive suppliers

Automotive Suppliers

Flexibility and fast implementation are the keys to success for automotive suppliers. This makes it all the more important to be able to react quickly to changing production programs. ipolog allows for assembly and logistics processes to be optimized with the push of a button.

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Software for Agricultural & Construction Machinery 

Agricultural & Construction Machinery 

Small order batches, complex products and individualized equipment with special requests is business as usual in the production of agricultural and construction machinery. Proper planning with ipolog helps avoid downtime and optimally coordinates complex assembly activities.

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Logistics planning for Manufacturing Industry with Software ipolog

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is also moving toward the trend of individualized products that are completely tailored to the needs of the customer. In order to rise to the challenge assembly and logistics must be perfectly coordinated. With ipolog resources are used effectively.

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ipolog for other industries

Other Industries

Individualization and increasing complexity are themes that also affect many other industries. Software ipolog offers support to every industry in the digitalization of assembly and logistics processes. This leads to the optimal coordination of processes and resources on a daily basis.

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ipolog for all optimization areas

Our Optimization Areas

Increasing complexity and product variety make manual planning of assembly and logistics nearly impossible. With our ipolog planning software, all relevant production areas are planned, visualized and adapted for the production program in one tool.

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