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Agricultural and Construction Machinery

Between High-Tech, Construction Site and Country Charm - ipolog Leads to Success

Ensure maximum efficiency in variant-rich, small-batch production with ipolog.

The growth of digitalization is finding its way into the agricultural and construction sectors. These changes also affect manufacturers of highly specialized vehicles for a wide range of applications such as wine and arable farming, open-pit mining, quarries, construction sites and tunneling. Vehicles for municipal use, such as sweepers, snowplows or waste collection vehicles must also be manufactured at optimal costs.

These industries must master small series production, seasonal fluctuations and long cycle times often accompanied by a large manual work component. Are you looking for new ways to optimize the production of your agricultural and construction machinery? Then learn more about us and our ipolog software!

As a manufacturer of agricultural and construction machinery, you must master a wide variety of challenges every day. These include optimized material provision in a mixed model line, the correct balancing of various cycle and process times and quick rescheduling in the event of short-term changes in resource availability.

Many companies find it difficult to adequately prepare for each of these challenges. Our ipolog software helps you face these challenges and be well prepared for the future. The software enables you to create a planning overview for the next year or to simulate the next day in detail. Always be in control with the integrated and holistic digital twin for assembly and logistics in ipolog.

Tractors are produced and assembly line worker paths are simulated in the ipolog software

A solution for every problem: ipolog

With our ipolog software, everyone - from the factory planner to the owner, from the intern to the CFO - can directly see how the factory will run. You can, for example, set up ideal employee line balancing for the production of your agricultural and construction machinery based on a concrete production program.

ipolog allows you to simulate various scenarios with employee workloads and directly see the effects of planning changes to your production. The planning results from ipolog highlight bottlenecks and enable you to react quickly to prevent them.

Holistic planning in ipolog provides you with informative results about the efficiency of your respective model mix and provides an ideal foundation for quick consensus and decision making within your team.

ipolog makes tedious work in PowerPoint or Excel a thing of the past. See for yourself how other pioneers in digitalization from your industry have already achieved success with ipolog.


Ready to begin planning with ipolog?

Overcome uncertainty in the production of your products, promote innovation and stay competitive with ipolog. Optimize assembly lines through targeted process, material supply and resource planning and the ideal utilization of employees.


Say goodbye to chaotic production and gain a new perspective on the planning of your production. Find out how ipolog can help your company in a personal conversation with one of our experts.

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