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The automotive industry is undergoing the greatest transformation in its long history. Increased individualization, changing customer demands and stricter ecological requirements present automotive manufacturers with complex challenges. Global markets are additionally subjected to politically uncertain tariff and tax policies with unforeseeable effects on the global supply chain. Your production network must be able to adapt to these uncertainties with a higher level of efficiency and adaptability.

Important key figures such as HPV (hours per vehicle) and capital commitment need to be steadily declined. To achieve this, assembly must be optimally timed and each employee must be efficiently utilized. Stock in the warehouse or in production must be reduced to such an extent that supplies are always available, but not in too high a quantity or for too long.

In logistics, costs should be continually reduced while at the same time new concepts (“forklift-free factory”, “kitting system”, “carset” etc.) are consistently implemented. The “swimming” of assembly employees in multi-product lines provide exciting challenges which can only be mastered with digital support.

Our ipolog software allows you to simulate and optimize the complexity of future production and logistics. This provides valuable time to adapt to changes and to work efficiently.

Digital simulation of assembly line workers in the ipolog software

Enjoy efficient and stress-free production planning…and smile!

Automobile manufacturers have to deal with an enormous variety of variants due to ever-expanding consumer choice. Increasing space requirements for material supply on the assembly line leads to higher demands on logistics concepts (JIS, Carset, Kitting, etc.). ipolog allows for the visualization of all material supply variants directly in the 3D factory layout.

Production that is exclusively order-related leads to daily production program variation. With ipolog you can simulate every concrete vehicle with code rules.

Seasonal demand fluctuations in the number of units for many vehicle types (e.g. convertibles, motorhomes, etc.) and geopolitical influences increasingly lead to mix model lines in order to maintain good employee utilization due to equalizing process times. ipolog simulates concrete employee utilization and worker routes to show the ideal material supply in advance.

A high daily output results in very short cycle times for each individual employee. Automation is often not possible nor economical, which is why manual assembly continues to be of great importance in the supply chain for automobile production. Outstanding digital tools for holistic planning and optimization are urgently needed. ipolog provides the tool for building and using the digital twin of assembly and logistics.

Numerous automotive manufacturers rely on the power of ipolog:

The internationalization of markets has led to more and more foreign plants, where high productivity and quality must also be ensured. ipolog helps your company create worldwide standards and ensure high standards everywhere, since “best practice” approaches can be more easily distributed in a digital model and virtually tested in the respective situation.

Well-known car manufacturers such as BMW, Daimler, Porsche, TESLA, VW and many others have relied on the digital twin for assembly and logistics in ipolog for many years. The optimization areas of material supply, assembly planning and logistics planning are of particular interest.

Trust the integrated approach of ipolog and optimize your assembly and logistics holistically for the future. We digitally bring together what normally only works in reality.

Please contact us with any further questions! 

  • Is your current material area not enough and you are considering a sequencing or kitting process?
  • Looking to make your logistics even more reliable and at the same time cut costs?
  • Curious what advantages driverless transport vehicles offer in comparison to tugger trains or forklifts with a conveyor belt system?
  • Wondering what effects on assembly and logistics result from constant changes in the production program?
  • Wanting to increase the workload capacity of your assembly staff?
  • Will flexible forms of production (flexCell, Matrix, etc.) be more efficient than the classic assembly line in the future? What is the right solution for which application and product mix?

The answers to these and other questions can be answered in detail and examined further in a scenario comparison using ipolog.

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