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Learn how to balance high quality, further innovation and low costs

Faster, more flexible, more individualized, more cost-effective: The manufacturing world in the automobile industry is becoming increasingly complex and you must be able to keep up. With our planning and simulation ipolog software, we provide you with a powerful tool to achieve high quality at ideal cycle times and low costs.

As an automotive supplier, you face the daily challenge of being at the mercy of the production and sales fluctuations of the automotive industry. You are also faced with the pressure of providing your customers with a high quality product in the desired quantity at the right time and at a low cost.

Wherever you can see immediate results from automated processes, ipolog (using artificial intelligence) gives insightful suggestions and reduces your workload. An intuitive operating system and clear presentation of all available data enables you to implement the right measures both quickly and precisely. A constantly updated summary gives you immediate improvement feedback of the situation and shows the consequences for the entire factory.

automated assembly line workers working on an automobile assembly line simulation in ipolog

You are not alone – achieving success together with ipolog

Reacting quickly to fluctuations in demand can be challenging. Even more challenging is establishing lean, efficient production and logistics in a global supply chain with other plants and customers. We know what we are talking about and we are here to support you with our know-how. Discover what other companies have already achieved with ipolog by reading our success stories.

By your side every step of the way

Are you concerned about being able to deliver desired product quantities to automobile manufacturers in the specified time and quality? We are well acquainted with the challenges of your industry.

Optimize your logistics, assembly or production with our ipolog software. Explore different scenarios of material flow planning, warehouse planning, resource planning or material supply. Compare the alternatives and then decide on the most effective solution. Visualize the simulation results directly in the 3D factory environment.

Time is money - with ipolog you can be one step ahead of the rest of the market. Stay innovative, competitive and cost-effective as an automotive supplier by making the best use of available space and optimizing cycle times. Find your bottleneck and solve it with the digital twin for assembly and logistics.

Create real benefits for your factory that are both quick and sustainable! See your complex factory with a clarity never before thought possible. Learn more about the advantages of ipolog in a conversation with one of our experts.

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