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Your Planning in Full Flow- ipolog for the Manufacturing Industry 

Learn how to plan safely and efficiently, day after day, batch after batch

Take the next step towards a digitalized world with ipolog, our software for digital planning and simulation of production and logistics. We offer a tool that helps you get the most out of your production system. Whether you are estimating the required space for new products, optimizing a supermarket, or planning material supply, ipolog allows you to digitally plan complex issues. Would you like to know how this is possible? Then you’ve come to the right place!

In the manufacturing industry everything revolves around the means of production, area, processes and materials. All aspects must be carefully measured, designed and planned. From the early planning stages to operational optimization, keeping everything in view can be a challenge.

We have developed a software tool for production logistics to help you do just that. Our digital planning offers a continuous process that covers all aspects of planning, so that your machines keep on turning.

Where conventional planning processes require many manual steps, ipolog uses sophisticated algorithms and automated processes. An intuitive user-interface and a clear workflow enables you to achieve your desired planning results quickly without a need for the time-consuming programming of a simulation. This leads to an efficiently designed production and ensures added value.

A group of assembly line workers produce a washing machine in the ipolog software simulation

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There are many things to think about when optimizing a factory. Sizing and arrangement of material surfaces, number and utilization of assembly staff, redesigning the material flow, tugger train usage, central or distributed warehouses, flexible processing cells, storage capacity and stock quantities are a few of the many topics that must be considered.

We understand these challenges and go the extra mile to find the best solutions for your business. Using our many years of extensive know-how, we will be your guide to ensure that you reach your goals. Let us write your success story together!

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ipolog offers a unique combination of assembly, production and logistics planning and simulation. Design and compare scenarios in the fields of material flow planning, warehouse planning, resource planning or material supply. Import daily demand figures and stay on the ball without losing sight of the big picture. Visualize your planning in 3D and discover so much more!

The open interface of ipolog allows for the integration of existing production-related systems as well as the extension to further production areas (machining, robotic or automatic stations, etc.) into the simulation process.

Would you like to discuss the individual requirements of your factory? Then schedule a complimentary web demo with one of our ipolog experts. We would love to create a use case for your production with ipolog.

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