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High quality planning at a low cost for an even better factory

Do you work in a piece goods company? ipolog software ensures the optimal supply of your production and assembly areas. This means the right parts in the right quantity at the right time with the right logistics concept.

If there are constant surprises in your production and you are never sure if the quantity distribution of the previous month will be repeated next month, then you have come to the right place.

Let us show you how to discover the challenges of tomorrow’s production today, so that you can skillfully prepare for them!

Most of our customers in this area are real “hidden champions”- in the market for decades, often family run over several generations and with consistently strong growth rates. It’s therefore no surprise that some things “are just the way they are” and don’t always move ahead in an optimally lean way. Often only a few changes are necessary to add significantly better structure to the production. Our software shows exactly where bottlenecks are located in assembly and logistics and recommends possible solutions.

A simulation in ipolog of workers producing a product at workbenches

Get the most out of your planning with ipolog

It's self-explanatory that assembly should work with maximum efficiency and logistics should function reliably-but let’s be real: Do you always achieve this goal and with a reasonable planning effort? We at ipolog have given this dilemma a lot of thought and found the solution in the consistent implementation of a digital twin!

Do you have to deal with fluctuations in unit numbers and product mix? Use ipolog to calculate the production program for next week or next year. This will help with the challenges in assembly and logistics stemming from changing input variables. As a master assembler or logistics manager, you can now focus on more important things.

The case of Max Holder GmbH is an impressive demonstration of a systematic digital transformation. Such a transformation is also possible in your company!

Let us start today with the future!

Are you considering switching from shop floor production to an assembly line? Would you like to know which manufacturing alternatives and logistics concepts will bring about considerable value creation?

Talk to us - we have many years of experience in a wide range of industries and an excellent partner network with which we can actively help you set up the digital twin in ipolog. Together we will find a sophisticated solution for your complex manufacturing structure by combining the best tools.

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