Checkliste zur Materialflussplanung

Checklist: How good is your material flow planning?

Material flow and tugger train check

Checklist Download: Material Flow Planning

An optimally planned material flow is crucial for reliable production. However, as products become more and more complex, this is becoming an ever greater challenge.

Do you know where there is still potential for optimization in your material flow planning?

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Your Next Step: Digitalization of Logistics Processes

Any production can only function efficiently if material is in the right place at the right time. However, due to the increased complexity of the goods produced, material flow planning is becoming more and more complex. Therefore, many companies are increasingly using software to plan logistics.

With ipolog software, you can plan your material flow easily and effectively and display what you have planned in 3D. You can simulate your logistics at the push of a button and immediately see where bottlenecks are when using tugger trains. You can quickly and easily try out and compare different routes, cycles and load carriers.

Material flow planning - What are the benefits of optimization?

Rising personnel costs, a shortage of skilled workers and increasingly complex customer requirements are a reality. Are you well aware of the following challenges?
  • Holistic planning even with high complexity

    Many factories are characterized by high complexity. Linking material flow systems here becomes a real Herculean task. Software-supported planning with the help of algorithms takes the weight off your shoulders. For a flow of information without disruption.

  • Less planning effort

    The required planning effort for a material flow is high - especially when different means of transport are used (tugger trains, forklifts, AGVs) and the production program is complex and changes often. Software saves a lot of time and nerves, because updates are automated and individual files do not have to be adjusted manually.

  • Simulate & visualize material flows in advance

    With software, complex processes can be simulated and visualized in 3D at the push of a button. This facilitates the validation of the processes. Most digital tools offer integrated diagrams and analysis methods (such as the Sankey diagram) for evaluating the flow of goods.

A software-supported material flow analysis or material flow simulation enables transparent, automated tugger train planning with direct results such as tugger train requirements, employee requirements, transport operations per day, transport routes and process times. With the help of software, your materials handling or direct transports are analyzed and optimized - regardless of whether they involve forklifts, tugger trains or a driverless transport system.
Would you like to start optimizing your complete logistics processes right away? Take the first step now with ipolog!

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