How well are your tugger trains planned?

How well are your tugger trains planned?

Tugger Trains and Material Flow in Check

Checklist: Test your tugger trains and material flow!

Are you aware of how much potential lies in the optimization of your tugger trains? Our checklist will give you an initial overview of the situation on your site:

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Your Next Step: Digitalizing Your Logisitics Processes

A factory can only effciently function if tugger trains are in the right place at the right time. However, as the products become more and more complex, planning tugger trains becomes more difficult. The use of dynamic tugger trains is only possible with digital support. With Excel, you will quickly reach your limits.

With ipolog software, you can easily plan your material flow and tugger trains and display what you have planned in 3D. You can simulate your logistics at the push of a button and immediately see where bottlenecks occur. Quickly and easily try out and compare different routes, cycles and load carriers.

Do you think your tugger trains are in need of a complete overhaul? In our Webinar "Optimize Your Logistics: From Idea to Reality in 5 Steps" we demonstrate how to use software to get the most out of your logistics processes.

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Trend Topic Dynamic Tugger Trains: Worth the Hype?

Rising personnel costs, a shortage of skilled workers and increasingly complex customer requirements are a reality. Are you well aware of the following challenges?
  • High Costs

    Tugger trains cost money. It's particularly annoying when they just sit in a corner.

  • Limited Space

    Space is money! Every meter must be utilized for the required material supply.

  • Lack of Overview

    You lack an overview of the utilization rate and how your tugger trains are actually being used.

Enough is enough!

With dynamic control of your tugger trains, the tugger train only sets off when it is supposed to. It does so on the fastest route and with the required parts on board. Since dynamic tugger trains are linked to the respective product program, manual planning (e.g. with Excel) is no longer feasible. Our ipolog software is an effective tool with which you can plan your tugger trains so that everything is in the right place at the right time.

Our planning and control ipolog software enables ideal process planning: routes, material areas, cycles, environmental data (such as columns, stairs, ventilation pipes), load carriers, data on the production program - all linked in one plan. You know exactly when each tugger train is needed. ipolog helps you avoid non-value-adding "emergency runs" when something runs out. Learn more about the topic here: Logistics Planning.

Container and rack planning: In ipolog, you can view the resources that are to be transported with the tugger trains. In addition, you can see the exact arrangement and positioning of item numbers in the specified bins in our user-friendly, visual display. With ipolog you can simulate and optimize your complete material flow.

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