Logistics for the future - with optimal material flow

Logistics for the Future - with Optimal Material Flow

Use your full potential and leave the competition behind with planning in ipolog

The main focus of our ipolog software is the efficient building of intra-company transports to guarantee high-frequency supply with optimal capacity utilization.

The software offers a worldwide unique advantage in logistics planning. ipolog enables a holistic model of production logistics in relation to assembly and allows collaborative planning across departmental boundaries.

Forklift, tugger train, or AGV – ipolog helps you decide

Many planners ask themselves: What is the best means of transport for my particular field? This could include individual or high-frequency delivery, different containers with high or low range and transportation to different consumption destinations. ipolog can help plan these transports efficiently and appropriately for the respective product portfolio.

Based on the production program, ipolog calculates the earliest and latest possible delivery times backwards from the installation site. This ensures the required materials are available at the right place and at the right time.

ipolog evaluates different means of transport in digital scenarios to find the right mix of forklifts, tugger trains and AGVs. Capacities and temporary peak loads are visible in the 3D model.

The following conclusions can be made with ipolog:

  • Resource requirements

    number of resources: forklifts, AGVs, tugger train tractors and trailers

  • Trips per day

    See the tugger train tours and direct transport trips over time

  • Process times

    loading, driving and unloading in a Gantt diagram

  • Employees

    Precise statements about the required number of tugger train drivers and logistics staff

  • Total route

    layout-based evaluation of the individual routes

From rough draft to series optimization- always perfectly planned with ipolog

The first important findings in rough planning are calculations based on average and empirical values. Throughout the course of planning the figures become more detailed and exact workloads and resource requirements are calculated. ipolog lets you plan and optimize with a digital model in all planning phases and during operation!

Planning in ipolog offers concrete possibilities for planning and optimizing means of transport due to the 3D model and detailed evaluation. The simulation has the advantage that activities such as loading, driving and unloading can be traced in a Gantt chart over time.

The intralogistics activities in animation and simulation can be experienced and understood by everyone involved in the model.

By means of direct evaluation and the KPI monitor, bottlenecks are identified and the optimal solution with the best resource mix is developed and simulated in ipolog.

The traffic volume in the facility can be displayed dynamically at any time in the form of a heat map. The more intensive the coloring, the more vehicles are on the same route at that time. This feedback accelerates planning and leads to reliable results.

Begin your planning with ipolog today! Let’s talk about your project!

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About the Software

The ipolog software creates an integrated model of your assembly, production and intralogistics. Effects become visible and potential can be developed so that collaborative planning is possible across departmental boundaries.

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