free software licenses for students

Free Software Licenses for Students

Prepare your students for the future of logistics planning!

Investing in the future

Preparing students for an increasingly digitalized industry is important to us. With ipolog as an innovative software solution for logistics and assembly planning, we want to contribute and provide the best conditions for early career development.

We are also lecturers at the DHBW in Stuttgart and at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and developed our software course for students based on practical firsthand experience.

Learning objectives

Students will have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in the field of digital intralogistics planning. This leads to a deeper understanding of complex logistics processes and the practical experience of using digital planning tools.
  • Create standard logistics processes

    Create paths, routes, and layouts plus test different combinations of staff, tugger trains, forklifts, or AGVs

  • Evaluate results

    Compare scenarios to calculate ROI and determine which changes affect capacity utlization and efficiency

  • Learn critical thinking skills

    Students learn to reach decisions and take responsibility themselves as planners

What to expect

We recommend that professors or lecturers become more familiar with our software by signing up first for the online training. After completing the online training, we will gladly send the required number of tokens for students to begin the training.

We offer the complete training scenario instructions and helpful articles concerning our software here.

Online training at a glance:

  • Project start: summer or winter semester
  • Project period: lessons plans vary, but normally 4 weeks of  instruction (4hrs. per week) followed by 6-8 hrs. of individual student work
  • Training type: in person or online
  • Module: ipolog 4 materialflow

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