Optimize material flow planning through comprehensive material flow analysis with ipolog software. Heavily branched transport flows as well as intransparent information and material flows are frequent challenges faced by companies.

Material Flow Planning

Digitalization of material flow systems, material flow analysis and material flow optimization

What is material flow planning?

Material flow planning describes the logistical transport of containers (full loads, empties) or parts (individual components, assemblies and modules) within a plant. Material flow planning is the basis for holistic logistics planning and factory planning.

What is the goal of material flow planning?

Within the framework of material flow planning, the internal material flow and thus the logistics processes must be optimized. From goods receipt to goods issue, every part should be in the right place at the right time.

Within the framework of material flow planning, material flows in the company are shown and interrelationships are made visible. Bottlenecks and weak points are identified. With this knowledge, the material flow is optimized taking into account the conditions on site and an efficient supply is secured.

Are you not yet planning your material flow or would like to holistically optimize your material flow? Not sure how?

Software für Materialflussplanung

Why is material flow planning so important?

Companies face many challenges. With smooth planning of material flow and intralogistics, the following can be avoided:

  • Bottlenecks

    Many variants result in constant supply bottlenecks and chaos. It is difficult to maintain the material supply. With material flow planning, every part is in the right place at the right time.

  • Lack of overview in logistics

    Nowadays, the production of most companies is very complex and lacks transparency. In order to reliably process orders, reliable material flow planning is essential.

  • Time is scarce

    The better the material flow planning, the better the process. The right approach is crucial for optimal logistics planning.

  • High costs

    Logistics gobbles up a lot of money. Only with good material flow planning can supply bottlenecks be identified and averted.

Next Steps: Five steps to plan and optimize your material flow

The path to the perfect material flow is not far at all! In the following planning phases, the flow of goods in intralogistics can be recorded and mapped.
  • 1. Record current status

    Record and analyze planning basics (resources, process and time modules, shift schedule, parts data, production data, Excel tables).

  • 2. Layout planning

    A layout is created on the basis of the information collected. Sound layout planning is important for the systematic linking of conveyor technology with spatial conditions.

  • 3. Modeling of material flows

    In the created layout, the flows of goods are modeled and parts are assigned. Lead times are defined.

  • 4. Calculation of resource requirements

    In the next step, a precise calculation of the resource requirements takes place.

  • 5. Cost calculation

    In the last step, a cost and personnel evaluation can be determined.

A good software can take a lot of work off your hands and support you in daily factory planning and control. Curious to learn more? In our free webinar we demonstrate how your logistics can be optimized.
We will demonstrate in this webinar how to quickly and easily plan your logistics. We will offer practical and helpful solutions in our free webinar, "Optimize Your Logistics: From Idea to Reality in 5 Steps".
Webinar: Logistics

What are the benefits of software-supported material flow planning?

Auf Basis der Wertstromanalyse kann eine automatisierten Routenzugplanung mit direkten Ergebnissen wie Routenzugbedarf, Mitarbeiterbedarf, Touren pro Tag, Gesamtstrecke und Prozesszeiten erstellt werden. Direkttransporte werden ebenfalls analysiert und optimiert – ganz gleich ob es sich dabei um Gabelstapler oder eine FTS-Flotte handelt.
  • Automated transport planning

    Tugger trains and means of transport are planned automatically.

  • Quick rescheduling

    Software support makes it possible to react more quickly to a changing production program. Rescheduling happens at the push of a button.

  • Line-Back calculation

    The required resources are determined and planned on the basis of the production program.

  • Detailed process times

    With one software, process times for thousands of parts can be stored at once.

  • Automated analysis

    Software enables automated evaluations of resource requirements and employee requirements (dynamic, not a static Excel daily average).

Durch Materialflussanalyse und Materialflussplanung zur optimalen Routenzugplanung. Auch eine 2D-Darstellung des Materialflusses helfen bei der Optimierung des Materialflusses.
A 3D simulation for visualization and validation assists the planner in optimizing the material flow. No more unpleasant surprises because an Excel formula was copied incorrectly. A 2D representation of the material flow by e.g. Sankey diagram and heatmap also help to optimize the material flow.
Our software automatically calculates the routes of the means of transport. The planning can be validated with a simulation. In the process, the software calculates the necessary transports to be able to implement the specified production program.
A good software can take a lot of work off your hands and support you with daily factory planning and control. Curious to learn more? Then read here how easy optimal material flow planning can be achieved with software support.

software for material flow planning

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