Software for material flow planning

Material flow planning software

Plan and optimize material flow with ipolog

Planung von Montage & Materialbereitstellung – alle Daten in einem einzigen Tool

Analyze processes more easily and use materials and resources more efficiently

  • Optimization of material flows using key figures dashboard, Sankey diagrams and heatmap
  • Visualization and animation of transport routes and process flows in the digital 3D model
  • Automated calculation of route transports

Fast response to data changes in planning

  • Quickly simulate effects of different premises
  • Automated evaluations and visualization in 2D / 3D
  • Simulate and compare different staging and material flows

Plan based on detailed data and save costs

  • Analysis of tugger train requirements, employee requirements, transport operations per day, transport routes and process times
  • Any optimization potential that has already been discovered in the planning.
  • Dynamic evaluation instead of static averages

Plan material flow safely - with ipolog

The increasing complexity of production and the associated need for more flexible and faster production processes present companies with ever greater challenges in material flow planning. Effective planning requires detailed knowledge of production processes and precise planning of material and goods flows. A reasonable planning of all flows of goods is hardly possible with Excel. Too many files, too many statuses. The challenge is to be able to react quickly to changes in the product range and at the same time optimize the use of space, operating resources and personnel.

With ipolog software, you can plan your complex material flow from goods receipt to provisioning at the assembly line. Dynamic calculations and easy-to-use simulations quickly reveal potential. The results are automatically visualized in 2D or 3D. ipolog combines all necessary processes and data in one software and enables a holistic view of assembly and logistics in one system.

ipolog makes it possible to obtain a detailed and qualitative planning result with corresponding visualization in 3D already in the early phase of planning, enabling the planner to eliminate potential errors at an early stage or to already plan optimizations before implementation. This reduces unnecessary investments and avoids expensive change costs during implementation.

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Benefits of planning with ipolog

Optimize material flows faster with simulation and 3D visualization

Dynamic Heatmap Sankey Diagram 2D/3D Visualization

Plan your material flow with digital help and numerous functions in 2D and 3D. Determine how resources can be used most efficiently and how transport routes should be planned most efficiently thanks to Dynamic Heatmap and Sankey Diagram as well as simulation.

Simulate data changes easily

Material flow calculationsStandard process chain Transport Gantt

Automated calculations and planning workflows allow you to quickly implement, evaluate and compare changes in your planning data. Via the Transport Gantt, you can see exactly when which transports have to take place after the changes have been made, in order to ensure the timely supply of materials.

Plan and optimize route transports

Layout-based transport network Route transports Dynamic trailer planning

Reduce empty runs by optimally utilizing your means of transport. Plan and compare different route alternatives and determine the optimal utilization. Use dynamic trailer utilization instead of average values to plan more accurately.


With ipolog software, you can create one-click Sankey diagrams as well as evaluate various material flows to accurately quantify production logistics requirements.

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