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When planning a new factory environment, the initial data is very imprecise, particularly for parts and container information. Warehouse equipment and logistics areas need to be adjusted several times before a final arrangement is reached. As a resource manager, you must be able to flexibly react to the constant changes and make informed statements about the use of resources during capacity planning. The proposed solutions must be optimized in consideration of logistics areas, all while not over exceeding the budget. Learn how our ipolog software can make your work much easier compared to widely used solutions like Excel!

ipolog allows you to make a statement about investment costs already in the early planning phases. Subsequent resource price changes are easy to factor in and have a direct effect on the investment costs required for the planned factory environment.

ipolog helps optimize the use of resources. Various scenarios such as changes in the production program in regard to resource usage can be analyzed.

Why is optimized resource planning so important for your company?

Resource planning can be used to determine, among other things, the need for transport resources or containers. The total amount of required resources in the considered factory environment can be determined, and a reliable statement about resource requirements is possible. Statements about investment and operating costs in the areas under planning consideration can be created early on.

In addition to logistics equipment, required transportation resources must also be considered. Capacity planning ensures that parts are delivered on time with a minimal use of transportation resources. Due to fluctuations in parts requirements throughout the day, there are often doubts as to whether the scheduled transportation resources are sufficient to fulfill the transfer orders.

Discover the advantages of planning with ipolog software

ipolog helps you gain confidence in the midst of uncertainty. Transportation requirements can be calculated throughout the day with ipolog. At no time- even during peak periods- will too few transportation resources be available in the planning scenario under consideration. ipolog supports planning with a comprehensive visual representation of resource requirements for transportation resources throughout the day. This is a much better approach than long Excel spreadsheets.

The demand for transportation resources can vary depending on the time of day and order requirements. During planning the question often arises if currently used resources are still enough when the production program is increased. With ipolog, changes in the production program can be simulated and tested for feasibility if products per day are increased. In addition, an optimization and capacity evaluation of current planning scenarios can be performed.

The required resources in the respective planning scenario are always kept in mind with ipolog. Both transportation resources and logistics equipment are considered.

the required resources for a respective planning scenario are easily configured in the software

Get a good feeling about your resource planning with software

Resource planning is more than just an overview of required resources in a certain area. Resource planning requires a holistic view of material flow, quantities and layout. The three essential components for the statement of resource requirements can already be considered in the early planning phases with ipolog.

The transportation resource requirements are displayed at any time in corresponding evaluations. Depending on the planning phase, various analysis options in ipolog provide a rough overview of the demand for transportation resources in individual shifts. For a closer look at the plan, a Transportation Gantt in a clear Gantt Chart display of the concrete transport orders can be used.

In additional to the number-based evaluation of the transportation resources required, the 3D display supports the planning process with a visual evaluation of the traffic volume in the planning area. The traffic volume for a respective scenario can also be analyzed in 2D using a heat map and intersection analysis.

The effects of line balancing can be directly seen after import into ipolog. The effects on transportation can also be seen through individual evaluation. The required logistics equipment is also displayed, and the update takes place directly after changes are made to the input values for resource usage.

Our solutions for improved resource planning

Interested to learn more? Optimize your factory environment in just a few steps:

  • 1. Import of your data

    Begin with the importation of resources and available logistics data (typically from Excel).

  • 2. Planning of material flows

    Then the direct planning of material flows can take place. This allows for the calculation of resource requirements.

  • 3. Play through scenarios

    Then the effects on resource requirements due to changes in the production program can be examined.

  • 4. Optimize resources

    Now the production is ready for the optimization of resources and capacities.

In additional to planning and optimizing resource requirements, ipolog also assists in warehouse and material flow planning. The effects of changes on resource requirements are always immediately available. This includes personnel planning, transportation planning, and material flow planning.

Are you ready to take the next step in your resource planning? We can help you optimally use your resources already beginning in the planning phase.

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