Our project with NVIDIA Omniverse

BMW & ipolog at NVIDIA GTC Conference

Using the Omniverse Platform to create the factory of the future.

BMW & ipolog utilizing NVIDIA Omniverse: Towards the Manufacturing Metaverse

As one of the leading car manufacturers in the world, BMW is always looking to stay one step ahead. This is particularly true in the field of production management, where changing production programs and increasing individualization require innovative solutions. BMW is realizing their vision for a holistic digital twin across their global production facilities with help from the assembly and intralogistics software ipolog and the visualization platform Omniverse from NVIDIA.

NVIDIA is one of the world's most advanced developers of visual computing and AI programs. They has been leading the field for decades in terms of real-time graphics for industries such as transportation, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, robotics and retail.

NVIDIA Omniverse is a powerful multi-GPU real-time simulation and collaboration platform. ipolog is once again leading the field of digital twin production planning by offering a bidirectional ipolog Omniverse connector. This enables a holistic digital twin of both material provision and worker simulation.

Michael Wagner, CTO of ipolog GmbH, was one of the driving forces behind the fusion of Omniverse and ipolog which can be seen in the video below. He has written several articles on the NVIDIA Omniverse which can be read here.

Relevance of the cooperation for the factory of the future

Artificial intelligence and virtual worlds will just remain "buzz words" unless a platform is created on which all the data can flow together and work collaboratively. BMW's and ipolog's approach of creating a holistic digital twin with the help of the NVIDIA Omniverse platform brings us a little closer to the future.

  • Enable collaborative work

    Collaborative work and teams across borders. Work together virtually in a team anytime, anywhere.

  • Simulation instead of trial & error

    Simulation of shared virtual worlds. Build the digital twin as an image of reality, simulate changes and then implement them.

  • One platform for all data

    Create access to all data and link information via one platform.

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