Software for Assembly and Logistics Planning

Software for Assembly and Logistics Planning

Comprehensive 3D Visualization and Production Planning with ipolog Software
Our ipolog software offers a one of a kind advantage in digital assembly line and intralogistics simulation. A digital twin of your assembly, production and intralogistics can be visualized and optimized with ipolog software. Collaborative planning is possible across departmental boundaries, resulting in better project management and measurable increases in efficicency.

Why choose ipolog? To simplify your planning efforts!

By keeping all relevant information up to date, our ipolog software will make life easier for you and your colleagues. When there’s a decision to be made, play through the scenarios together in ipolog, compare the alternatives and then decide on the best option. After the decision is implemented progress can be measured in the digital model. Let the digital model guide and confirm your decision-making process. Get back into the driver’s seat and get the most out of your factory by making your digital plan a reality without any detours. Save yourself from annoying trial and error so that you can produce more and deliver an even higher quality product.

Wherever you can evaluate automated suggestions, ipolog (using artificial intelligence) makes insightful suggestions and takes a lot of the work off your shoulders. Let ipolog be your guide. An intuitive operating system and the clear presentation of all available data enables you to quickly and precisely implement the correct course of action. A constantly updated factory evaluation gives you immediate feedback on situation improvement and shows the consequences for the entire factory.

ipolog visualizes the factory layout in 3D to test how the factory will respond in each situation to the respective production program.


Everyone involved has a clear picture of the situation, understands what's going on, and can discuss the plan of action in an informed way with fellow colleagues. So that all information is directly available in ipolog for colleagues and superiors, there are different viewing options and classification levels.

Having to manually transfer results into PowerPoint or overlooked formula errors in Excel are a thing of the past. From now on, everyone – from planners to owners, from interns to CEOS-can directly view in ipolog how the factory will run. The 3D visualization includes animations of employees, logistics resources, and KPIs that can be configured for the respective task. The visualization can be displayed in a compressed form on smartphones, tablets or VR glasses.

This doesn't have to remain a distant dream of the future. Begin today and follow the path to success step by step with ipolog! Quickly see real benefits in your factory with ipolog. Take advantage of a tool that continuously provides relevant information for more sustained profitability and efficiency. See your complex factory with a clarity never before thought possible and look towards the future without worry of what lies ahead.

It does not matter whether these changes are due to your own optimization ideas or suggestions from other departments. Every day the digital model becomes more detailed, more sophisticated and better able to show the consequences of all planning decisions.

Imagine for just a moment that you could foresee all the challenges facing your factory in the future. Just like a boxer who proactively perceives the movement of their opponent and reacts accordingly. Currently you have everything under control, but you know the future holds even more complexity and uncertainty. You need to be able to anticipate daily fluctuations in piece numbers as well as balance the incredible number of production variations.

Our ipolog software creates clarity today for the challenges of tomorrow. Simulate the next day in detail or roughly plan the next year. Take control of your production planning with the integrated digital twin for assembly and intralogistics in ipolog. Ensure that your production will run smoothly thanks to the ability to test the effects of changes before they cost precious time and money on the assembly line. Costly implementation surprises or even production downtimes are now a thing of the past.

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Concrete benefits of ipolog at a glance:

  • Reduce project duration time by 30%

    An accelerated and structured planning process sets high standards and shortens the project duration time by up to 30%.

  • Increase capacity utilization by up to 20%

    The utilization of assembly line workers for assembly line manufacturing can be increased by up to 20%.

  • Reduce walking routes by 50%

    Reducing the required walking routes for assembly line workers can cut up to 50% of non-value adding activities.

  • Flexible working time models

    Production programs can be perfectly planned with the right assembly and logistics resources, thus allowing flexible working time models to be implemented.

  • Teamwork

    The development of new ideas together through workshops, discovering interrelationships, identifying potential for improvement and implementing these advantages for improved efficiency.

  • Expectation management

    Clear expectations, as the future layout of the factory is visualized for all involved parties and the costs and benefits are transparently displayed.

ipolog is there for you from start to finish!

Your factory is complex by nature. Work and orders from many different departments need to be coordinated over a long period of time. ipolog is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool that provides the right support for every phase of your project.

From rough draft to optimal capacity:

Employee explains the digital twin of a warehouse optimized with ipolog

ipolog software guides you in all phases of factory planning and optimization. Whether beginning with the first concept on a greenfield site or making changes to your existing factory, you are able to lay the foundation for a digital twin of your factory. The model then builds upon itself over time. This provides the opportunity to test each scenario in the detailed planning stage for a perfect run-up to the production start. ipolog gives you the opportunity to optimize your factory today for the production capacity that will be needed tomorrow! Perfectly adapt your factory to the requirements of flexible production with ipolog.

Helpful Hint: Prepare all planning data (strategic, tactical, operational) in one model. ipolog allows you to share this data with all involved parties in the production planning process. This benefits everyone!

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Assembly and logistics in perfect harmony:

an ipolog employee easily and digitally connects the production and logistics processes for overall optimization The often-separate assembly and logistics departments become one value-adding unit with ipolog. Consistency and clarity between data and processes has finally become a reality through the use of a common digitalization tool. Optimizing assembly processes without logistics makes as little sense as logistics without value-adding production. ipolog software coordinates the many different aspects of a factory and ensures overall optimization.

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A powerful yet user-friendly tool:

a man uses the powerful yet user-friendly ipolog software to optimize factory planningMany experts use tools that require extensive training to optimize factories. ipolog combines different areas of expertise into one software that is easy to learn and intuitive to use. Tasks such as data management in Excel, data preparation with pivot tables, factory layout in CAD tools, calculations, presentations, accounting and much more can be completed comfortably in ipolog without special IT know-how.

ipolog's user concept allows you and your team to work together on your project in a simple, streamlined workflow which flows parallel and not sequentially! Receive immediate feedback on how key figures have improved through various cycles and compare different scenarios. With ipolog: "what you plan is what you see" (WYSIWYG 4.0), because everything is directly visualized in 3D in the factory layout.

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Planning, simulation and visualization- one platform, one tool:

An employee is able to plan, simulate, and visualize all planning functions in one toolipolog combines all information in a uniform and consistent database, thus providing planners and management a clear overview of the current situation. Cumbersome interfaces between different tools are a thing of the past with the integrated workflow in ipolog.

The integrated planning functions for assembly and logistics ensure rapid feedback among team members. This also provides improved cooperation with suppliers, planning partners and customers. The appealing visualization of all alphanumeric and geometric information in a 3D factory layout gives everyone involved a glimse of the future. Complex interrelationships are simplified, direct feedback is possible, and real collaboration is finally within reach!

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