Free Online-Training for ipolog. Our free introductory training will hekp you learn how to optimize your logistics with ipolog.

Free online training for ipolog

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Your start with ipolog

Our free introductory training will help you learn in just a few steps how to use our ipolog software for the planning and optimization of your logistics. This online training is ideal for a detailed introduction to our software or as preparation for the implementation of ipolog in your company.

Learning objectives

After completing our online training you will have a solid understanding of our ipolog software and be able to use it in many ways to help both you and your company.
  • Efficient logistics processes

    You will learn how to plan and optimize material flows with the help of digital methods. These findings can be directly applied to your intralogistics and production logistics processes.

  • Optimal utilization of employees, space and modes of transportation

    Whether logistics staff, tugger trains, forklifts or automatic guided vehicles - you will be able to increase efficiency.

  • Flexible planning at last

    You will learn how to quickly respond to short planning cycles and volatile markets.

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What to expect

We will be your guide as you get to know our software step by step, install it on your own and use it independently in an example project.

We have prepared an example project as part of our online training. This will help you quickly get an overview of the software and experience the various functions in a practical way.

This online training gives you the possibility to test the software or receive a first impression after buying the software. However, this does not replace detailed training from one of our experts.

Online training at a glance:

  • Project start: any time
  • Project period: about 2 weeks
  • Time investment: in total approx. 1-2 work days, which can be easily divided to match your availability
  • Training type: independently conducted online training for beginners
  • Module: ipolog 4 materialflow

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