material flow simulation using ipolog simulation software

Simulation Software for Material Flow

Display and optimize your material flow with ipolog simulation software.

Why is material flow simulation so important?

The design of an optimal material flow is decisive for reliable logistics and thus for the economic success of your company. In practice, this is often an extensive and time-consuming process that requires a lot of time and planning and takes into account the interactions between production, transports, conveyor technology and storage areas.

Some companies often still rely on Excel-supported calculations and manual analyses. However, increasingly complex products make this process even more difficult. This results in highly branched transport flows and non-transparent information and material flows.

That's why many planners are now turning to simulation software that allows them to visualize and analyze the flow of materials in a production environment. This can improve the efficiency of the material flow, avoid long lead times and high production costs and a lack of transparency and flexibility.

That's why using material flow simulation software makes sense:
  1. Make decisions faster
  2. Security in investment decisions
  3. Validate planning and accelerate production

How well is your material flow planned?

Download the free checklist now and update your current status.

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With the right simulation software, you can optimize your assembly and intralogistics chain and identify sources of danger at an early stage. But what does it have to be able to do in order to actually be of help and not cause even more work?

Advantages of software-supported material flow simulation

  • Simulation less prone to errors

    No matter how carefully planning is done, it always happens that an Excel calculation is deleted or changed during copying. Several versions of a file suddenly appear because several people have worked on it and the synchronization did not work. The hardware is updated and suddenly individual functions no longer work or the know-how for re-programming is missing.

  • Visual representation of material flow

    The possibility of displaying data in 2D or 3D allows you to see the sequence of your material flow immediately. The consideration of different simulation models greatly simplifies planning.

  • More accurate results in different simulation models

    By using exact figures and not just averages and the software-supported analysis, you get assessments that are much more accurate, reliable and transparent.

Material flow simulation with ipolog software

ipolog is a software for planning and optimizing your assembly and intralogistics. An essential component is the simulation of the material flow. ipolog supports you step by step in material flow optimization - whether new planning, detailed planning or during operation! Make bottlenecks and interrelationships transparent to ensure the performance of your production or assembly.
A good material flow simulation software should provide some essential functions. Typical functions include:

  • The creation of a digital twin in which the material flow can be visualized and analyzed

    The still perhaps futuristic term "digital twin" is the mapping of your production data in a digital system. This allows you to test scenarios before they are implemented and predict the effects of various decisions. Simulation software can also simulate complex processes at the push of a button and visualize them in 3D. This makes it easier to validate the processes. Most digital tools offer integrated diagrams and analysis methods (such as the Sankey diagram) for evaluating the flow of goods.

  • The calculation of accurate key figures: line-back calculations

    The amount of data that has to be taken into account in planning is becoming more and more extensive and complex. Efficient planning is hardly possible anymore with pure spreadsheets without digital help. Simulation software for material flow works with detailed values (no average values) as a basis for planning and thus provides much more accurate planning results.

  • Automated transportation and route planning

    The simulation of the material flow with software uses various algorithms to quickly and transparently determine results such as tugger train requirements, employee requirements, transport operations per day and transport routes and process times - thus enabling automated transport planning. Your transport orders are simulated, visualized (in 2D and 3D) and can then be optimized in the software...

  • Store process times

    Process times can be stored in standard logistics processes for thousands of parts at once.

Materialfluss in 2D und 3D sehen

Realistic planning of supermarket processes in ipolog.

Simulationssoftware für Materialfluss hilft bei der Bewertung der Ergebnisse

Fast and efficient calculation of material flows with ipolog software.

In which phases should simulation software be used?

Simulation-based material flow planning is useful at any time:

  1. Planning phase
  2. Realization phase
  3. Start-up or production phase (operating phase)

What are the benefits of using software in material flow planning?

The use of simulation software for the planning and optimization of material flow is a great benefit for the productivity, transparency and economic success of your company. The resulting benefits quickly reach the break-even point in practice and outweigh the investment costs.

The security of transparent and less error-prone planning, as well as the time savings for employees are a major productivity factor.

The demands on assembly and intralogistics will not decrease in the coming years. Products will become more complex, transport routes more branched and assembly more complex. With simulation software, you are optimally equipped to face future challenges with confidence.


Are you interested in the ipolog software, but do not really know whether it can be used in your company? We will be happy to help you and discuss your individual use case briefly and directly.

To do so, simply book a timeslot here.

Start your relaxed future of material flow planning today!

Materialflussplanung mittels Software erleichtert die Berechnung
Stations and material easily visible in ipolog software - in both 2D and 3D display.
Ein gut simulierter Materialfluss dank Simulationssoftware spart Zeit und Geld

Analyze and optimize routes and distances through layout-based transportation networks in ipolog.

A good software can take a lot of work off your hands and also support your daily planning and material flow optimization. Curious to learn more? Then read here how easy optimal material flow planning can be achieved with software support.

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