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Production Restart Despite COVID-19

We have all been affected in one way or another by COVID-19. However, we still have the power to choose how we respond to this crisis. We will demonstrate in this webinar how to use software to protect employees, meet legal requirements and restart production. >>Watch now


FlexCells: Break Up Your Rigid Assembly System!

Individualization, increasing complexity, batch size 1! These are important topics for many companies. Flexible cells can be an answer to these questions. In this webinar we will show you a simulation of flexible cells based on real data. >>Watch now


Say Goodbye to Idling Forklifts & Tugger Trains

How many means of transport are actually necessary? How do external factors affect the planning process? How can empty runs and downtimes be avoided? We understand these challenges! See how easy transport planning can be with the right tool. >>Watch now


Optimize Your Logistics: From Idea to Reality in 5 Steps

See how easy logistics planning can be with the right tool. We've developed a software with troubled planners and stressed project managers in mind. Things can get better! >>Watch now


Optimize Your Assembly: From Idea to Reality in 5 Steps

Are you faced with the challenges of increasing production efficiency while at the same reducing costs? We understand these challenges! We will show you how the right tool can make quality planning so much easier. >>Watch now


Finding the Right Path: Assembly Worker Walkways in Focus

Increasingly complex production programs make the  planning of assembly processes very time consuming. Find out how you can plan your assembly processes more efficiently with ipolog and save both planners and workers valuable time. >>Watch now


Dynamic Tugger Trains: From Digital Planning to Live Operation

Tobias Heubeck from Flexus AG and Tobias Herwig from ipolog GmbH will demonstrate the advantages of dynamic tugger trains and how you can decrease your costs while still increasing efficiency with the right tools. >>Watch now


Accelerate Your Factory Planning by Leveraging Point Cloud Data

Phillip Quadstege from NavVis and Jonas Wirth from ipolog GmbH will highlight the exciting opportunities point cloud data and simulation software can bring to the factory planning process.  >>Watch now

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