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In many manufacturing companies, final assembly is the stage in the production chain where the greatest value is added to the product. Even the best supplies are of little use if they are not assembled to fulfill their intended function.

Achieve added value in your assembly by using ipolog

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»ipolog assembly planning software optimizes manual activities on the assembly line or at individual workstations by visualizing processes and »material supply directly in the factory layout. A »worker path simulation highlights where time is wasted by non-value-adding steps. This process provides added clarity for planners, decision-makers, management and staff alike.

Challenges in assembly planning

When planning the production program of increasingly complex goods, there are various challenges that must be addressed.

Customers are demanding more individualized products, which increases the number of variants while decreasing the batch size. Standardization is no longer the answer to achieving efficiency. Cost pressures and capacity bottlenecks are also restrictions that need to be addressed in the process of designing and planning the production line.

Assembly planning is a discipline of production planning which, based on the product profile, links the necessary processes and the materials to be used. The optimal use of necessary employees, tools and equipment are the core requirements of assembly planning

Core questions that companies must ask themselves in the context of assembly planning

How can we ensure a punctual production start?

How do we manage to train all employees before the production start?

How do we achieve maximum capacity utilization in order to withstand cost pressures?

How do we find solutions to space shortages?

How can we create more transparency than with previous Excel data solutions?

The idea of solving these complex questions with simulation software is clear. Assembly planning software makes it easier to visualize tasks and stations, achieve greater optimization and ultimately to digitally secure assembly line processes.

How to optimize your assembly planning with ipolog

ipolog assembly planning software accompanies you in all phases of planning and optimization. Here is an overview of how you can improve with our software:
  • ipolog’s digital model shows the path of assembly line workers and cycle sequence data is visualized in the 3D simulation. » learn more
  • ipolog offers a wide range of analysis options, so potential system improvement is easy to see.
  • The optimized allocation of work tasks between different stations or the adjustment of a process sequence ensures significant increases in process efficiency.
  • By linking materials and processes, assembly line positioning and balancing can be optimized in one step. » learn more
  • A detailed examination of individual work stations shows whether all product variants can be completed in the planned cycle.
  • The consideration of production programs with real order sequences lays the foundation for realistic logistics planning with ipolog.
ipolog Montageplanung Beispiel

Assembly Planning Webinar

Optimize Your Assembly: From Idea to Reality in 5 Steps - watch our free webinar now on-demand

Three reasons to use ipolog assembly planning software

Our ipolog assembly planning software offers real solutions for all the challenges in optimizing your assembly! Discover three unbeatable reasons why ipolog should be used in your planning:
  • Visual Analysis Options

    The visual analysis options in the 3D model provide immediate feedback concerning inefficiencies in existing systems and find planning errors faster than in Excel spreadsheets.

  • Comprehensive Optimization

    The unique interaction between processes and materials provides a multivalent and comprehensive optimization approach in assembly planning.

  • Holistic Assembly Approach

    In line with the line-back approach, the optimized assembly provides the basis for also planning material flow and production supply in ipolog.

Ipolog is not only a simulation software, but also a calculation and reporting tool. As a result, all relevant KPIs can first be calculated, then visually checked for plausibility and finally compared transparently."

Thomas Augustin - Head of Material Flow & Structure Planning


Follow these steps for successful assembly planning with ipolog

Increasing efficiency on the assembly line – achievable in five simple steps with ipolog:    

1. Importation of Layout

this includes work stations and material zones as well as 3D disturbances, such as columns and walls

2. Preparation of 3D Resources

racks, containers and product models 

3. Summarization of Data

including processes and material part lists (typically from Excel spreadsheets)

4. Optional

input of production program

5. Cycle Simulation

of the entire assembly line or individual work stations

Further benefits of using our ipolog assembly planning software

The possibilities for optimizing and successfully designing your production program are numerous. For example, you could go into great detail in material zone planning. ipolog allows you to change the conveyor position by drag & drop or to design the exact allocation of rack compartments in the course of »rack planning. Reach the next level in »resource planning. The result of your line balancing is the basis for »human resource planning with ipolog.

Based on the line-back principle, the exact starting point for your »material flow planning is already created with ipolog in assembly planning. Changes in »material supply planning have effects on logistics. With ipolog you can see the new requirements for your intralogistics and bring your production supply up-to-date at any time. See here how to use ipolog in logistics planning and how to supply your production with material via AGV, tugger trains and forklifts. »logistics planning with ipolog

Would you like to start optimizing your assembly line right away? Then let’s discuss your specific requirements! 

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