Webinar - Production Restart Despite COVID-19

Webinar - Production Restart Despite COVID-19

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This unprecedented time has affected automobile manufacturers across the globe who are now faced with the following challenges:

  • Halted production in order to protect employees from infection
  • Employers must continue to meet their duty of care by ensuring safe working conditions
  • Each day without production is very expensive and becomes difficult to recover

By quickly and sustainably restarting your production you can gain a decisive competitive advantage over your competitors who are simply waiting for things to get better. Take charge and be proactive in creating a new normal for your production.

Our software can help you accelerate this process. In just 45 minutes we will demonstrate in our free "Production Restart Despite COVID-19" webinar how to use software to protect employees, meet legal requirements and restart production.

What You'll Learn in this Webinar

  • Practical steps to protect the wellbeing of employees

  • How to effectively communicate with employee representatives / work councils

  • How software can be used to accelerate the entire process

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