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Intralogistics (planning and optimization)

13. March 2024

Intralogistics or internal logistics covers the flow of materials, information and goods within a factory. External logistics, which relates to the transportation of goods outside a company, must...

Intralogistics Optimization

12. March 2024

You and your intralogistics are facing major challenges: Increasing variant diversity, small quantities as well as price and cost pressure make planning and controlling your internal logistics...

Simulation Software for Material Flow

11. March 2024

In many manufacturing companies, final assembly is the stage in the production chain where the greatest value is created for the product. Even the best assemblies and vendor parts are of little...

Flexible Cell Production

7. February 2024

Immer kürzere Innovationszyklen, steigende Produkt-Varianten und Individualisierung– kennen Sie das? Keine Sorge, Sie befinden sich in bester Gesellschaft! Die sich immer schneller wandelnden...

Human Resource Planning Software

7. February 2024

You have great employees with unique and special skills. The challenge lies in correctly scheduling them over the year and utilizing their abilities most effectively. As a shift planner you must...