Optimal shelves for complex products with high variance

Industrial Rack Planning with ipolog-Software

  • Improved material provisioning and warehouse planning!
  • No space wasted with perfect shelves!
  • Faster to the right shelf!

Optimize your storage areas with individually designed industrial shelves

The planning and configuration of industrial racks is an important part of material staging and warehouse planning. Individual rack planning allows for the use of limited space and reduction of valuable travel time. The effective planning of storage and assembly racks leads to the optimal use of available space while also avoiding unnecessary travel and picking times.

Rack planning in ipolog provides clarity as to which industrial rack form is needed at which location of a material area. This also contributes to the digital twin of your warehouse enviroment.

The construction of individual racks is possible in the ipolog rack design software thanks to the help of an intuitive operating system. Plan with the types of racks common to your industry and easily optimize your material supply.


How does your material zone look?
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This is why you should plan your industrial racks in ipolog

Create racks with different dimensions and incline the shelf levels perfectly for your containers and employees. ipolog ensures that the planned storage racks can be constructed and used in your warehouse. During the design process you can remain completely independent of manufacturer-specific design restrictions and can view the 3D designed industrial racks directly in your production and storage environment! View the corresponding containers directly in your industrial rack system and carry out rack occupancy planning with the click of a mouse.

Shelf planning creates generic (= manufacturer-independent) shelves, which are stored in the catalogue and are equipped with the corresponding containers in warehouse planning and material supply. A connection to manufacturer configurators is possible.

ipolog provides a quick overview of the level and channel of a rack where a container is located. Different rack types and occupancies can be quickly and easily compared with different planning scenarios in ipolog. Planning results can be confirmed with a parallel 3D view of the warehouse environment.

Discover the numerous advantages of industrial rack planning in ipolog

With the possibility to not only plan storage racks, but to reuse them directly in ipolog, synergies are created and the planning process can be carried out in only one program! Racks can be moved anywhere on the material surface and planned racks can be placed directly where they are needed.

Why your shelf planning should be designed in ipolog

You too can optimally use your space and avoid the unnecessary hassle of separate rack planning in a separate tool.

Use ipolog to create a holistic digital twin of your warehouse or assembly environment and connect the containers in the racks you plan to use with your assembly and picking processes. The ipolog software automatically calculates the resulting travel times and provides valuable information on the optimization potential for material supply and assembly processes.

Is 3D still not enough? Export the planned warehouse section into your VR enviroment with a click and experience your factory in virtual reality!

Do you have additional questions about ipolog software or industrial rack planning itself? We would be glad to help you find solutions for your individual planning challenges!
Talk to us about your project without obligation. We are excited to be your partner as you revolutionize your logistics planning!

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