Flexible Cells: Break Up Your Rigid Assembly System!

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What you will know after the webinar?

  • What’s new in flexible cell production

    stay up to date with the latest news in the industry

  • What advantages a flexible cell production has compared to the classical line

    concrete figures and comparisons

  • How flexible cells can be used to increase worker capacity up to 98%

    all based on real data

  • What flexible cell production looks like in 3D

    3D visualization for better understanding

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Individualization, increasing complexity, batch size 1! These are topics many companies are currently dealing with. This raises many questions:

Should assembly and logistics be set up to follow trends?
Is the classic line an outdated concept in view of new trends?
What alternatives are there?
Flexible cell production can be an answer to these questions. In a study with the Boston Consulting Group, flexible cell production was simulated using real data and important parameters were compared. We will show you this simulation of flexible cells based on real data in our webinar. The comparison with the classic line leads to astonishing results. No fantasy concept but pure reality. Experience in 45 minutes how you can make your assembly and logistics more flexible with flexible cell production.

Tobias Herwig

ipolog GmbH
As an expert in the digitization of assembly and logistics, Tobias Herwig reports. He hosts the podcast "Fabrik der Zukunft" on LinkedIn.

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