Webinar - Accelerate your factory planning by leveraging point cloud data

Webinar | Accelerate your factory planning by leveraging point cloud data

It's no secret - the complexity of factory planning will only increase in the future. Planning a production line with large quantities of parts, product individualization, and increased cost pressures can be a challenge for even the most experienced planner. Modern problems call for modern solutions!


Join Phillip Quadstege from NavVis and Jonas Wirth from ipolog as they demonstrate and discuss how factory planners can use 3D point cloud data and panoramic images to optimize assembly and logistics planning. These factory planning experts will walk you through the process of bringing point cloud data into factory planning and simulation software, outlining tips & tricks along the way.  

  • Learn how to easily capture scan data and post-process it in the cloud

  • Discover how straightforward it is to integrate point cloud data into factory planning & simulation software

  • See how using point cloud data in factory planning & simulation software can optimize your assembly, production, and logistics planning

  • Gain tips & tricks from experts to accelerate your factory planning and to bring your factory into the 21st century

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Our Presenters

Phillip Quadstege - NavVis AG
Phillip Quadstege is Senior Solution Manager Digital Factory at NavVis. He is driving the product-market-fit of the Digital Factory Solution, with specific focus on central & planning topics.

Jonas Wirth - ipolog GmbH:
Tobias Herwig is an expert for digitalization of assembly and logistics. He is responsible for ipolog customers during integration and onboarding.

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Presenter: ipolog GmbH

ipolog Kontakt - Jonas Wirth

Jonas Wirth | ipolog GmbH

Cell: +49.151.42218764
Mail: jonas.wirth@ipolog.ai

Presenter: NavVis

ipolog Kontakt - Phillip Quadstege

Phillip Quadstege | NavVis

Mail: phillip.quadstege@navvis.com