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Logistics Planning with ipolog-Software

Logistics planning made easy, even with high variability and a wide range of variants!

Logistics optimization with ipolog – the future of logistics management

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Your logistics planning needs to design systems in such a way that you can master the increasing challenges of the market. An increasing number of varients, smaller quantities and rising logistics costs create a challenge for strategic planning. Optimize your intralogistics by introducing a digital twin to your system and achieve decisive competitive advantages.

The ideal optimization of production and logistics systems, efficient intralogistics and standardized delivery forms are central factors in the success of a business.

We offer a unique logistics optimization software for seamless and efficient logistics planning. ipolog is a powerful logistics planning tool for integrated and digital intralogistics solutions. ipolog uses a digital twin to assist you in the design and implementation of a more optimized logistics system. With comprehensive material flow analysis and material flow planning, you will be empowered to design your logistics systems more efficienctly than ever before.

Why is it so important to optimize your logistics planning?

A company-specific strategy for intralogistics systems is essential to ensure efficiency, flexibility and supply security. The main component of complexity is the variety of variants and the resulting number of parts. Logistics systems need to remain flexible and well integrated, and cost drivers such as space and operating costs must be minimized.

Ideal logistics planning ensures that the right parts are provided at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity and with the optimal resource requirements. It is important to be able to analyze fluctuations throughout the day and the different requirements within any given period.

Do you also face the following challenges in your logistics planning?

Planning uncertainties due to volatile markets

Volatile markets make forecasts imprecise, thus making strategic planning difficult. From storage to assembly, processes must be constantly and dynamically adapted. ipolog enables flexible planning and optimization at the push of a button to react quickly to supply fluctuations.

Individualized products need flexible logistics

The current trend is towards the individualization of products. This means that your logistics systems must be dynamically designed in order to be able to react to changing requests. Improve your logistics in ipolog and adjust the required resources quickly and easily.

Shorter cycle times and increasing cost pressure

Do you have to manage shorter planning cycles with increasingly complex products and increasing cost pressure? Are your planning times going through the roof? Get started with effective logistics optimization software from ipolog.

Confusing internal processes and lack of transparency

Increasing complexity, many specialists from different departments and countless documents that have to be continuously updated? Would you like to reduce your workload and create transparency across departmental boundaries? In ipolog, partnership-based work can be easily achieved by integrating all information into one system with a comprehensive 3D visualization.

High logistics costs and required budget cuts

Are you required to strive for batch size 1 while at the same time cut costs in the area of transport management? Are you unable to compare scenarios or identify sources of error such as empty runs or transport peaks? ipolog allows you to visualize your value-added chain from order to finished product, identify sources of error and reduce logistics costs through continuous optimization. The order from warehouse to production is now always in view!

Experience the added value of logistics optimization software:

Fluctuations in demand over time cannot be optimized with linear calculation approaches (such as Excel). With support logistics planning software such as ipolog, you can digitally verify your planning (e.g. through visualizations or simulations) and increase the quality of planning, since errors can be detected much earlier. You can also achieve an increase in efficiency through structured planning solutions, consistent data and better communication between planners. This can help shorten the “time to market”.


Optimize Your Logistics: From Idea to Reality in 5 Steps

Logistics optimization done right with ipolog:

Our optimization software ipolog offers you a wide range of functions and thus supports (almost) all areas of logistics planning. From »tugger train planning to »warehouse optimization, the entire logistics chain is carefully evaluated. No other tool on the market offers such a comprehensive range of functions as ipolog. Furthermore, ipolog offers a simple and intuitive user interface and a structured workflow, which provides an overview of the planning process for planners and management.

See the advantages of logistics planning in ipolog at a glance:

  • From Start to Finish

    ipolog software accompanies you in all phases of planning and optimizing your logistics. No matter if warehouse, picking areas, tugger trains, forklifts or driverless transport systems, everything is integrated and made transparent in one model.

  • Dynamic Calculations

    ipolog software performs dynamic calculations and not calculations based on average values. Thus, a line-back simulation is carried out based on an existing production program (which is continuously changing) or logistic orders.

  • 3D Visualization

    3D visualization provides for better comprehension, offers a better communication basis for exchange between departments and enables planning specialists to provide competent planning solutions.

  • Structured Workflow

    A predefined, structured workflow ensures better standardization within the company and also reduces your planning times.

  • Merging of Separate Departments

    With ipolog, the often-separate assembly and logistics departments become one value-adding unit. The continuity between data and processes can become a reality thanks to a common digitalization tool.

  • Intuative User Interface

    Many experts optimize production logistics using many different tools (Excel, Visio, PowerPoint), each of which requires training. ipolog combines different areas of expertise into one software that is easy to learn and intuitive to use.

Ipolog is not only a simulation software, but also a calculation and reporting tool. As a result, all relevant KPIs can first be calculated, then visually checked for plausibility and finally compared transparently."

Thomas Augustin - Head of Material Flow & Structure Planning


Five simple steps to ideal logistics planning

Before long you will be able to easily and continuously improve your intralogistics in the ipolog logistics optimization software. Prepare your data in the software in five steps, compare scenarios, identify critical interfaces and jointly develop logistics solutions for your company:

1. Initial analysis of production processes including production logistics

Lay the foundation with the available information, whether resources, process and time modules, shift schedule, parts data, production data or other data in Excel spreadsheets.

2. Mapping the layout

Whether a 3D or 2D layout or screenshot: Your layout is the basis for planning all storage areas and the route network in production.

3. Modeling material flows and allocation of parts

A digital twin of your logistics system is set up and interfaces become visible. The complexity of your intralogistics is broken down and made transparent.

4. Calculating resource requirements

The previously integrated information serves as a basis for the simulation and calculation of all costs, effort and utilization of logistical resources.

5. Evaluation of costs and personnel requirements

See personnel requirements as well as the associated costs transparently set up on the basis of the required logistics resources.
We would be happy to talk to you about your project with a complimentary live web demo. We look forward to assisting you with our ipolog software in a way that will revolutionize your logistics planning.

What can be additionally optimized with ipolog logistics software

There is no end to logistics planning! With ipolog logistics planning software you can optimize your production from A-Z. For example, you have the possibility to take a closer look at your assembly and to interlock it with logistics from the ground up: According to the line-back principle, ipolog helps you to create the perfect starting point for continuous and seamless »material flow planning in relation to »assembly planning. The conveyor position can be changed by drag & drop or the current occupancy of shelves can be optimized in »rack planning. A digitalized »human resource planning with ipolog enables quick rescheduling of assembly employees and assignment of concrete work instructions. Just one small step towards completely improved and optimized logistics!

Interested? We are happy to answer your questions!

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