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Production planning optimization through software-supported solutions

A new way of thinking begins with production planning: simulate, visualize and schedule all in one software. ipolog software enables rough or detailed planning, as well as series production planning based on a production program. Thanks to a flexible connection to other systems, material flow connections are easy to see with our integrated planning software for production & logistics. Production, assembly and intralogistics can finally be perfectly merged for collaborative planning and holistic optimization. Take the first step towards a digital factory today.

Production planning software – your key to success!

Our »ipolog software provides you with the perfect tool to make production planning holistic and transparent. The simulation software paves the way for a digital factory in various areas of production planning, always beginning with the actual production program. A digital twin of reality is created by linking the areas involved in the planning process.

Learn more about how you can optimize your production from the early planning phases to operation. Our ipolog software is ideally suited for increasing efficiency in strategic and tactical planning. We specialize in optimizing the future requirements of »assembly and »logistics. From the beginning space concept to detailed installation planning shortly before SOP, you can use the same tool with a uniform data model. This allows you to quickly consider and implement planning alternatives. This function also benefits daily operations when »material supply planning and logistics must be adapted to the respective production program.

The importance of production planning in today’s factory:

Increasingly individualized products, smaller batch sizes, minimal „time to market“ and capacity bottlenecks. Does this sound all too familiar? Does just thinking about these scenarios give you a headache? No need to panic! Our ipolog software is a powerful planning tool to help you overcome these challenges.

The basic objective of production planning is to create a production system that enables a product portfolio to produce a planned number of units as efficiently as possible. Subareas of this field include production equipment, production program and production processes.

Modern day problems require modern software solutions:
  • Complex Products

    Having to manufacture a complex product? No problem with ipolog. Your high-tech production can be mapped and optimized directly in the program.

  • Vague Forecasts

    Your current forecasts are too vague, thus creating problems for the entire production planning process? Achieve a flexible design of your production with ipolog.

  • Cost Pressures & High Capital Expenditure

    Cost pressure and high capital investment rob you of sleep at night? Sleep soundly knowing your production can reach its maximum optimization with ipolog.

Advantages of production planning software:

Achieve a digital safeguard with software-supported planning of your manufacturing or production. Validated simulation results allows you to get as close as possible to your optimum, which changes daily with the production program. Production planning software enables you to achieve shorter planning cycles and cut costs. Efficiency in the entire plant increases, standardization becomes standard and bottlenecks are gradually eliminated.
the use of a heatmap in the ipolog software to determine and fix bottlenecks

Why ipolog is the clear choice for production planning software:

Compared to other planning and simulation tools, our software has a low learning curve and is intuitive to use. The results of changes are immediately visible and the far reaching effects of optimization steps are clear.

Our software also has various interfaces to widely used CAD tools and data processing sources (such as databases or Excel). You can use ipolog quickly and easily at your site and connect it with the digital tools you already have. Your planning and optimization will then be bundled and clearly arranged in ipolog.

Implementing your production planning in ipolog has the advantage that ipolog calculates line-back from dispatch and shows what is needed and when, so that production can be successful.

But wait, there's more! Here are additional ways your production planning can benefit from ipolog:

  • From Start to Finish

    Unlike any other digital production planning system, ipolog quickly maps prepared data in a consistent model.

  • Holistic System

    Production processes, production schedules, layouts, production material and internal transports are combined in a holistic digital system.

  • 3D Visualization

    Planned production processes are mapped directly in the 3D layout and can be checked and immediately adjusted.

Integrated assembly and logistics planning can take you to the next level!

We will show you how this is possible in a short 30-minute session followed by a round of questions in our free introductory webinars:

Webinar: "Optimize Your Assembly: From Idea to Reality in 5 Steps"

Introductory Webinar: Assembly Planning

Webinar: "Optimize Your Logistics: From Idea to Reality in 5 Steps"

Introductory Webinar: Logistics Planning

Your Way to Ideal Production Planning in ipolog

There are many ways to reach a goal. Office programs like Excel, Power Point or Visio are often used. However, if you’re looking for a better solution our ipolog software is your best choice. We can optimize an existing production environment or just as easily replan your entire production.

To fully utilize the unused potential of an existing production with our production software, the steps are as follows:

  • 1. Data Preparation

    Operational data collection and preparation. Operational data collection takes into account all information related to parts, assemblies, resources, routes, time recording and processes.

  • 2. Initial Analysis of Production Processes Including Production Logistics

    Modeling of all processes and operations including capacity planning. Calculation and evaluation of key figures: from Sankey diagrams to Gantt charts, you have all important key figures in view!

  • 3. Presentation of the Current State of Production

    Simulate your processes and display them in 3D - direct feedback for improved productivity!

  • 4. Production Optimization of All Processes

    Analyze key figures - make changes, recalculations and adjustments at the push of a button - minimize disruptions. Utilize the potential of your production processes through targeted optimization!

Would you like to replan your production? This is also easily possible without Excel:

  • 1. Preparation of the Planning Criteria

    All data sources come together to create an overarching view that allows for confident planning decisions.

  • 2. Collection of all Production-Relevant Data (processes, material, operating resources)

    Detailed production data acquisition and integration of processes, bills of material, layouts, customer orders and capacities into the software.

  • 3. Creation of Various Planning Scenarios

    Different planning scenarios are created on the basis of the digital twin.

  • 4. Selection of Preferred Solution

    Different scenarios are dynamically compared and optimized. The use of capacities and operations is comprehensively evaluated and the best planning scenario is identified.

  • 5. Ensuring the Start of Production 

    On-time delivery and performance guaranteed! No disruptions and deviations!

You will soon discover that the optimization of production in ipolog is far from over. Our tool enables you to address individual areas in your company in a targeted manner and make them more efficient. With the production planning software, you can evaluate processes in your assembly line or take a closer look at your production process. Your material flow can also be analyzed and work processes improved by simulation and visualization as part of »material flow planning. As an industry solution, ipolog software offers a wide range of possible »applications - ideal for small manufacturing companies as well as for the complex manufacturing industry. Learn more in our webinars about how you can more ideally design your intralogistics more with the ipolog production planning software.

Would you like to break new ground and start optimizing your production planning? Our ipolog experts would love to answer your individual questions in a free live web demo.

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