Optimize your production, logistics and assembly planning with software ipolog

Optimize with ipolog software

Optimize your production, intralogistics and assembly with our ipolog software

Plan and optimize your production with only one software

  • Automated display in 2D and 3D
  • Simulation of different production processes
  • Dynamic evaluation instead of static averages
  • No matter if Greenfield or Brownfield
  • Integration of production and logistics
Plan and optimize your assembly and intralogistics with ipolog software and use one tool for precise calculations and automated analyses.
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Plan and optimize your production with ipolog

Our Solutions

Production Planning

Discover how to create ideal production conditions for your product portfolio using quantities and variants as efficiently as possible.

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Logistics Planning

Ensure that the right parts are available at the right place, at the right time, and in the right quanitity for optimized resource requirements.

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Assembly Planning

Master the challenge of optimizing different workloads from cycle to cycle at a high capacity.

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Material Flow Planning

Easily find and solve bottlenecks, optimize your material flow and ensure an efficient material supply.

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Material Supply Planning

Take your assembly to the next level with an optimized material supply! Use ipolog to make sure that the required parts are available at the installation location in the best way possible.

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Further Optimization Areas

Explore the many areas in which our ipolog software can help you reach your full potential.

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ipolog is an innovative instrument that helps us to plan more precisely and efficiently already in the planning phase.

Walter Schleenvoigt – VOLKSWAGEN

Advantages at a Glance

  • From concept to capacity

    ipolog software assists in all phases of planning and factory optimization.

  • Production and logistics connected

    ipolog connects the often-separate assembly and logistics departments into one value-adding unit.

  • Expert features with intuitive usability

    ipolog combines different expert areas into one software that is easy to learn and intuitive to use.

  • One platform for planning, visualization and simulation

    ipolog combines all information into a uniform and consistent database so that everyone is on the same page.

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Read Success Stories from Pioneers in Digitalization

A street cleaner from Holder GmbH clears a path

Optimally synchronized assembly lines and ideal resource planning at Max Holder GmbH:

The ideal utilization of the assembly line is an important factor for success. However, the more complex the production, the more difficult this task becomes. Excel tables quickly reach their limits. Employees are often not optimally utilized. Does this situation sound all too familiar? Then find out how Max Holder GmbH was able to solve both problems at once.

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A digital factory created with NavVis and ipolog software

ELABO looks to the future with the digitalised factory planning of NavVis and ipolog:

The advantages of having a digital model of the factory are easy to see, but not always so easy to implement. There is often a lack of data, knowledge or time for 3D modelling work. ELABO was confronted with a similar dilemma and found an optimal solution for the construction of their new factory using NavVis and ipolog.

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What our Customers Have to Say

We at Daimler can map our production and logistics holistically with ipolog which massively reduces the required planning time.

Klemens Benz - Daimler

Our Solutions for Your Industry

Application Areas: Automotive Manufacturers

Automotive Manufacturers

The industry is characterized by fast innovation cycles and increasing individualization of products, while at the same time market fluctuations are increasing. With ipolog you can optimize the utilization of your assembly, reduce logistics costs and standardize your planning processes - so that everything runs like clockwork.
For Automotive Manufacterers
Application Areas: Automotive Suppliers

Automotive Suppliers

Flexibility and fast implementation are the keys to success for automotive suppliers. With ipolog, assembly and logistics processes can be optimized at the push of a button - so that changes can be mastered without complications.
For Automotive Suppliers
Use software ipolog: Our application areas

Our Application Areas

Individualization and increasing complexity affects every industry. ipolog offers every industry support in the digitalization of assembly and logistics processes - meaning that processes and resources are optimally coordinated on a daily basis.

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