Material Flow Planning with Software ipolog

Bottlenecks as well as holistic interrelationships become more transparent which enables an optimal supply for your production or assembly.
Materialflussplanung Software ipolog

Material flow simulation – using software to simplify your material flow planning

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The financial success of your company is heavily dependent on reliable intralogistics. Challenges quickly emerge, such as how to design material flow from the ground up or how to account for the interaction between production, supply chain, and storage areas. The timely implementation of reliable decisions is crucial.

Divergent transport flows and non-transparent material flows are frequently a challenge for manufacturing companies. Additional challenges include long processing times, high production costs, and a lack of transparency and flexibility in both value stream analysis and production planning. The best strategy: material flow analysis software.

The material flow analysis software from ipolog helps you with your material flow planning. Bottlenecks as well as holistic interrelationships become more transparent which enables an optimal supply for your production or assembly. We provide you with a material flow analysis tool so that you can utilize your tugger trains, forklifts, AGVs and staff as efficiently as possible.

Don’t have forklifts and AGVS, but would still like to improve your tugger train system? Not sure how? Then read here how easy tugger train optimization can be:

Why is ideal material flow planning so important for your company?

Are you worried that things won’t go according to plan? We understand! A sudden line stop due to a supply bottleneck is expensive. You are faced with the daily challenge of avoiding these bottlenecks while still cutting costs. Calculating ideal processes and further optimization requires a great deal of time and analysis.

Material flow planning makes the material flows in a company visible, identifies bottlenecks and highlights correlations. Depending on the products to be produced, the material flow is optimized in terms of processes and resources to ensure an efficient supply and layout.

Here are a few benefits of implementing material flow analysis software:

Digital Verification of Important Concepts

You need to ensure a continuous material supply in high volumes and with a large number of variants. A digitally verified supply is the best strategy.

Comprehensive Planning Using Algorithms

Your production is characterized by high complexity. Software-supported material flow planning using algorithms takes some of the weight off your shoulders.

Reduced Planning Effort

The time requirement for material flow planning is high– especially for tugger trains. ipolog material flow analysis software saves you a lot of time and frustration.

Mastering of Complexity

Due to the complexity of increasingly individualized products, there's no room for safety stock on the assembly line. That means your supply must be precisely timed in order to function correctly.
Through value stream or a digitalized material flow analysis you can achieve transparent, automated tugger train planning with automatic results such as tugger train demand, employee demand, tours per day, total distance and process times. Your direct transports are also analyzed and optimized – regardless of whether they are forklifts or an AGV fleet system.

In addition, a 3D simulation for visualization and validation enables safe planning and operations. A 2D representation of the material flow using a Sankey diagram and heat map also help with system optimization.

Materialfluss Software ipolog

"In 7 Schritten vom Teil zum Materialfluss"

Use our ipolog software for your material flow planning

Our ipolog software automatically calculates your tugger trains and other modes of transport and offers you the possibility to test your system using a simulation tool. The software calculates the necessary transports in order to implement the specified production program.

Advantages of material flow planning in ipolog:

  • Automated Transport Planning

    ipolog enables you to plan tugger trains and other modes of transport automatically.

  • Line-Back Calculation

    What has to happen during the day to complete the production program? ipolog tells you!

  • Recording of Process Times

    Process times can be stored in standard logistics processes for thousands of parts at once.

  • Automatic Analysis

    You can look forward to an automated evaluation of resource requirements and staffing requirements (dynamic, no static Excel daily average).

Would you like to benefit from the advantages of software-supported material flow planning? Then put our ipolog software to the test.

Digitalization, visualization, and the ability to analyze data were the most important decision criteria in our software selection. In the provisioning planning, we have been able to achieve significant improvements with the ipolog software so far.

Iris Koppermann


Our approach for an optimized material flow

The path to a perfect material flow is not far away! Our ipolog software takes a lot of the work off your shoulders and supports you in your everyday planning. Here are the steps towards substantial material flow improvement

1. Initial Analysis

initial material flow analysis and preparation of the planning basis (resources, process and time modules, shift schedule, parts data, production data, Excel sheets) and subsequent mapping of the layout

2. Modeling of Material Flows

modeling of material flows and assignment of parts directly in ipolog

3. Precise Calculations

with its sophisticated algorithms, ipolog provides an exact calculation of resource requirements

4. Overview of Costs

full insight into the complete cost and staff evaluation

Would you like to benefit from the advantages of software-supported material flow planning in your intralogistics? Then write to us and test our software ipolog.

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