Material Supply Planning with ipolog-Software

Organize your Material Zone with ipolog

  • Schedule all containers via drag and drop
  • Add changes such as new variants transparently and quickly
  • Easy to understand planning thanks to 3D views

Avoid waste & facilitate order picking

The provision of materials in assembly and production is an increasingly important topic for many companies. The constantly expanding variety of products and product variants often leads to bottlenecks on the shop floor. Are you aware of the vast optimization potential that lies in the correct utilization of material zones?

The mission of our »ipolog planning and optimization software is to make material supply planning efficient, transparent, holistic and user-friendly!

Our ipolog software helps reduce the time required for material supply planning in production, assembly or logistics. The 3D material supply planning in ipolog ensures an ideal use of material zones and resources.

Learn more about how our software can help you succeed!

What benefits does an optimized material supply provide?

Higher quantities, shorter cycle times and greater pressure throughout the entire assembly process characterizes the production outlook of many companies today. Lack of space on the assembly line, increased competition on the market and increasing customer expectations are the new normal. Are you worried about your company’s ability to keep up with these new challenges or remain optimally equipped for the future?

Material supply planning deals with the design and placement of containers and shelves along the assembly line, in production and in picking and storage areas. The primary objective is to provide the material in such a way that process times and route lengths are minimized while still accounting for certain conditions such as space constraints, ergonomics, type of material and delivery method.

Do you get a headache just thinking about the following scenarios?

Space Shortage

Your production or logistics is characterized by a lack of space. With so many product variants in a line, space gets tight!

Planning Uncertainty

You are plagued with planning uncertainties and problems collaborating and presenting the production planning status.

Large Time Expenditure

The planning of many variants in a flow line takes a lot of time.

No Overview

Planning material supply with optimal costs and times is near impossible.

Manual Planning

You plan using manual tools such as Visio, PowerPoint or Excel. Need to quickly change something? Forget about it!
You don’t need to suffer from these problems anymore! With our ipolog software, we provide you with an effective tool to master your challenges in material supply and beyond.
Darstellung der Fliessfertigung in der ipolog Software

The use of software in material supply leads to these advantages

ipolog allows you to reduce the required planning time and optimize your material supply by using intuitive algorithms and transparent visualization in 2D and 3D. Whether the material is delivered to machines, production lines or individual workstations in assembly, the current status will always be available thanks to automatic updates. The bidirectional exchange between CAD systems such as AutoCAD and Microstation allows you to use your pre-existing layout to visualize all planning possibilities in an overall layout.

Digitalization, visualization, and the ability to analyze data were the most important decision criteria in our software selection. In the provisioning planning, we have been able to achieve significant improvements with the ipolog software so far.

Iris Koppermann


This is why you should optimize your material supply with our ipolog tool!

Bring your potential to new heights with consistent, systematic and fast planning of material supply. Our ipolog software is a real problem solver! ipolog supports you in the following areas of material supply:
  • Automatic Optimization

    the algorithms in ipolog ensure automated processes and improvements can be achieved in a flash

  • Planning Reliability

    Clear visualization for better planning reliability and easier coordination

  • Automatic Analysis

    Simple scenario generation and automated evaluations

  • User-Friendly Interface

    A user-friendly interface is our top priority

Think outside the box and discover further advantages of ipolog

You can achieve ideal layout planning with our planning and control ipolog software. This includes hall layout, material zones, cycles and spatial data (such as columns, stairs, ventilation pipes etc.). Everything has its place and is correctly recorded in the plan.

During the installation planning process, you will know exactly what will be installed during which cycle. This allows for the material to be placed accordingly. Learn more about »assembly planning

»container and rack planning: in ipolog you can see what the resources that will be placed in the material zones look like. The exact arrangement and positioning of part numbers in the specified containers can also be seen in our user-friendly visual display. Supply concepts such as sequences, carset or product baskets can also be displayed.

To keep the distances traveled by assembly workers as short as possible, »material supply must be organized in a logical way. ipolog helps avoid non-value-adding trips to retrieve material.

Our approach for an improved material supply

We are with you every step of the way as you take your material supply to the next level. This can be achieved in the following five steps:

1. Layout with material zones on the assembly line, in the supermarket or other storage facilities

ipolog offers you a plug-in for your CAD system (AutoCAD or MicroStation) to automatically import this information into ipolog. You can also manually create and edit material zones in ipolog.

2. Alphanumeric information about processes, required parts, containers, installation locations and material areas

ipolog works with an Excel format for data importation.

3. Catalogue with 3D models of shelves, containers, products as well as environmental data or other objects (e.g. facilities)

ipolog provides the possibility to either convert existing 3D models or to create new ones.

4. Initial placement of parts with your containers

Initial placement of parts with your containers and shelves in the layout with our intelligent algorithms. Our algorithms consider geometric conditions (shelf units, hall beams, etc.).

5. Detailed planning by the user

Receive improvement feedback in the software at any time

Would you like to see our software in action and discover your individual use case with ipolog? Then schedule a complimentary live demo with one of our experts!
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