Assembly planning with ipolog software

Optimally synchronized assembly line for multi-variant products

  • Plan processes depending on the material
  • Visualize processes and eliminate bottlenecks more easily
  • Evaluate planning based on routes and process times
    Montageplanungs-Software ipolog

    Prompt delivery due to shorter lead times

    • Linking of material & processes with consideration of real production programs
    • Simulation of various production processes and validation in 2D as well as 3D

    Eliminate space shortages with an optimal material supply

    • Integrate existing layouts from CAD systems and plan them in the overall layout
    • Space requirements at machines, production lines or individual workstations
    • Comparison of different supply concepts (carset, sequences, shopping baskets)

    Avoid congestion and waiting times through the perfect synchronization of assembly lines

    • Fully utilize employee capacity through appropriate evaluations
    • Identify and avoid inefficient waiting times
    • Automatic assignment of operations in the correct sequence and relocation via drag & drop

    Assembly planning at the push of a button in one software – with ipolog

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    An increasing number of variants and the resulting complexity make  assembly line planning more difficult. Reasonable assembly line balancing is hardly possible with Excel anymore. Too many files, too many versions. The challenge of assembly is to be able to react flexibly to changes in the product range without having to extend assembly lines and create unnecessary walking distances.

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    Benefits of planning with ipolog

    Intuitive Layout Creation
    • Layout Editor
    • Rack Planogram & Material Zone Editor
    Plan the layout of your assembly easily and intuitively with the layout editor and drag & drop. Thanks to Rack Planogram and Material Zone Editor, you also have full control over material supply. Products, resources, racks and load carriers are visible on the spot and can be optimized with a mouse click.
    Optimal Use of Manpower & Resources
    • Walkway Calculation
    • Worker Gantt
    With ipolog software, you can calculate the optimal routes for your assembly. In the digital model in ipolog, the walking routes of your assembly employees are simulated and the cycle sequence is visualized in 3D. Optimize the use of your resources and employees, save costs and time.
    Optimal Utilization without Delay
    • Supermarket Processes
    • Machine Occupancy
    Plan extensive assembly lines without unnecessary idle time. Maintain an overview at all times and avoid bottle necks.

    Do you also face the following challenges?

    I find it difficult to optimally plan employee walkways. Can ipolog software help me here?

    With ipolog software, you can simulate and evaluate employee walkways based on specific processes and your material supply and then optimize them directly in the software.

    After replanning the line, I am often missing the right parts or tools on the line. What can I do?

    With ipolog software, you can replan your worker walkways and means of transport at the push of a button. You can ensure all important materials are in the right place even after replanning.

    I never know what impact a change in model mix will have on assembly and assembly workers. What can I change?

    With ipolog software, you can immediately see where bottlenecks are located. In the software, you can compare different alternatives in relation to the change and avoid negative effects.

    I don't achieve enough transparency with our previous Excel solutions. How can ipolog support here?

    ipolog not only offers the possibility of planning in 2D and 3D. But also the possibility to examine the planning results directly in 2D and 3D. This makes it possible to achieve a direct insight into how the result will look in the real factory. Planning with ipolog offers a direct link to practical implementation.

    We always have a shortage of space in production, especially when new variants are added to an area. How can ipolog help me?

    The planning of material supply can be carried out easily in ipolog. It is possible to move containers or racks simply by drag & drop, to change container rotations or the provisioning matrix and to change rack staging simply with a mouse.

    We need to increase our quantities, and bottlenecks keep unexpectedly appearing. How does ipolog help me uncover bottlenecks?

    Processes and worker walkways are displayed in a Gantt chart in ipolog. Exceeding the cycle time of individual stations and thus causing bottlenecks becomes clear at a glance. ipolog also offers straightforward planning in this area. Processes can be moved without any effort by drag & drop. Thus, leveling is easily possible and bottlenecks can be avoided.

    When changes are made, the start of production is often postponed. How can ipolog help to prevent a delay in the start of production?

    Changes can be easily incorporated into the software and the existing planning status. Due to straightforward and intuitive planning within the software and the direct reference to reality and practice through the 3D visualization, the planning can be carried out quickly and the results can be communicated and applied directly to the real production without any problems.

    Interested? We are happy to answer your questions!

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