Optimize your production planning now with ipolog software. Plan and simulate production digitally.

Software Implementation

Greenfield? Brownfield? Both are possible with ipolog!

Your path to ideal production planning

There are many ways to achieve a goal. Office programs such as Excel, PowerPoint or Visio are often used. For better production planning and support for your production management, there are more efficient ways: If you want to optimize an existing production environment, this is just as possible with our ipolog planning software as completely planning your production or manufacturing processes from scratch.



To fully utilize the unused potential of an existing production with our production planning software, your path looks like this:

  • 1. Compilation of operating data & data preparation

    Production data acquisition and processing. Operational data collection takes into account all information relating to parts, assemblies, resources, routings, setup times, time recording and processes.

  • 2. As-is analysis of the production processes including production logistics

    Modeling of all processes and operations including capacity planning. Calculation and evaluation of key figures: From Sankey diagrams to Gantt charts, you have all important key figures in sight!

  • 3. Presentation of the actual state of production

    Simulate your processes and display them in 3D - direct feedback for improved productivity!

  • 4. Production optimization of all processes

    Analyze key figures - make changes, recalculations and adjustments at the push of a button - minimize disruptions. Utilize the full potential of your manufacturing processes through targeted optimization!



Would you like to completely replan your production? This is also possible at any time in ipolog:

  • 1. Preparation of the planning premises

  • 2. Consolidation of all production-relevant master data (processes, material, operating resources)

    Detailed operational data collection and integration of processes, part lists, layouts, customer orders and capacities into the software

  •  3. Creation of various planning scenarios

    Various planning scenarios are created on the basis of the digital twin.

  • 4. Selection of preferred variant

    Different scenarios are dynamically compared and optimized. The utilization of capacities and operations is comprehensively evaluated in order to identify the best planning scenario.

  • 5. Ensuring the start of production

You can target and optimize important areas of your company with ipolog software:

Assembly: You can use the production planning software to evaluate various scenarios and individual worker paths in your assembly (with diagrams and key figures) or take a closer look at your value creation. Material supply potential can also be uncovered with ipolog. » learn more here!

Logistics: Your material flow and materials management can also be analyzed and work processes improved within the framework of Material flow planning through simulation and visualization. » learn more here!

ipolog is a necessary addition and support for trouble-free production management. As an industry solution, the planning software offers a wide range of applications - ideal for small manufacturing companies as well as for the manufacturing industry.

Would you like to break new ground and start optimizing your production planning right away? Our software for production planning and production optimization provides you with key figures - for efficiency in the management of your factory!

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