Logistics & Assembly Planning Software

ipolog Features & Functions

  • Plan intralogistics, assembly and provision
  • React quickly to changes in planning data thanks to simulations instead of spreadsheets
  • Simple analysis of tugger train requirements, employee requirements, transport routes and process times
  • Reduce costs through previously unused optimization potential

Feature Highlights

Features: Logistics Planning

  • Standard process chains
  • Material flow calculation & Sankey diagram
  • Dynamic heatmap
  • Route transports & transport equipment
  • Space utilization
  • Layout-based transport network
ipolog Montageplanung Beispiel

Features: Assembly Planning

  • Layout editor
  • Walkway calculation
  • Worker Gantt
  • Supermarkt processes

Features: Material Supply

  • Colorizer
  • 2D/3D visualization
  • Rack planogram & material zone editor

Feature Overview

Assembly Planning
Logistics Planning
Material Supply

Worker Gantt

You can plan and track your production flow with ipolog software’s worker Gantt. ipolog evaluates times and processes and displays the degree of utilization for each employee at each point...

Materialflussplanung mittels Software erleichtert die Berechnung

Walkway calculation

ipolog enables you to calculate dynamic walkways. Every step is visible in real time in 3D in the real production environment. This allows you to eliminate obstacles and unnecessary paths and...

Materialfluss in 2D und 3D sehen

Supermarket processes

Realistic planning of supermarket processes in your factory. With ipolog, you plan the time sequence in a data-supported and visual way....

Standard process chains

Standard process chains are the key to optimal production. In ipolog, you can easily create standard process chains with the corresponding process modules. These help you to establish a uniform...

Route transports & material flow

ipolog software enables you to optimize your material supply in the factory, plan tugger trains and other means of transport. Calculate the utilization of means of transport (empty runs,...

Rack Planogram

Plan your processes easily and intuitively in ipolog. Move materials in the rack planogram by simply using drag & drop. By skillfully placing materials you can simplify the process for employees....

Optimize space utilization

With ipolog software, you can see exactly how many bins and racks are positioned in which area, making a lack of space immediately apparent. The software enables you to increase space utilization...

Simulationssoftware für Materialfluss hilft bei der Bewertung der Ergebnisse

Material flow calculation

ipolog software enables the fast and efficient calculation of material flows in your company. The calculations are performed based on current data so you are always up to date. This allows you to...

Ein gut simulierter Materialfluss dank Simulationssoftware spart Zeit und Geld

Layout-based transport networks

Layout-based transportation networks help you to analyze and optimize routes and distances for your specific transportation network. This saves time and reduces overall costs....

Dynamic heat map

The volume of traffic in the hall at any given time can be displayed dynamically in the form of a heat map. The more intense the coloring, the more vehicles are on the same route at that time....


A visual representation of the production can quickly become confusing with the wrong tools. Thanks to our Colorizer function, you can make the different alphanumeric information directly visible...

Materialflussplanung mittels Software erleichtert die Berechnung

2D / 3D Visualization

The 2D & 3D visualization of ipolog software allows you to plan your production even more realistically and in more detail. Create the required stations and logistics areas quickly and easily...

ipolog Software in Your Company

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