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Optimal Material Provisioning & Reduced Walking Distances at Graz Automotive Plant

"We have enhanced material provisioning and minimized employee walking distances," states Franz Schinnerl, Manager of Process Planning, General Assembly, at Magna in Graz.

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The ipolog software signifi cantly enhances the holistic planning of logistics and assembly at Magna in Graz, a worldwide leading brand-independent manufacturing partner for the automotive industry. With over 120 years of experience in complete cehicle manufacturing, Magna in Graz provides a comprehensive range of services from complete vehicle engineering—including systems and modules—to complete vehicle production. .


  • Industry: Automotive
  • Company Size: Over 10,000 employees
  • Products: Complete vehicle engineering and manufacturing
  • Use Case: Optimization of material provisioning and logistics

Initial Situation and Challenges at Magna

  • Product Diversity and Variance: The large product diversity and high variance (models from different customers on a single production line) make planning complex and require a flexible response.
  • Gaining Competitive Advantages: Competitive advantages are expected to be achieved through efficient planning of assembly and logistics processes.
  • Visualization Limitations: Visualization of production lines and assembly or logistics processes is not possible with the existing planning software.
  • Lack of Suitable Standard Tools: There is no suitable standard tool available that supports the complex planning tasks.


With the adoption of ipolog as a digital planning and simulation tool, material provisioning and employee walking distances are visualized, simulated, and optimized from the early stages of planning using a digital twin. This enables a more precisely timed assembly process, sequence by sequence.

Implementation at Magna

  • Automated data imports into the ipolog planning software
  • Simulation of assembly and logistics processes using real-time data from the master system
  • Provision of planning and simulation outcomes as a comprehensive report
  • Comparison of different scenarios through KPI analysis
  • Real situation replicated as a digital twin: showcasing the hall, assembly line, material staging areas, material supply, and warehouse planning with walking paths in 3D


Optimized material provisioning

Reduced employee walking distances

More efficient coordination processes

Established a perfect foundation for future logistics planning

Next Steps with Magna and ipolog

Continued enhancement of assembly and logistics planning includes:

  • A unified data base for assembly and logistics
  • More efficient use of resources contributing to CO2 neutrality
  • Clear interfaces between departments, ensuring that assembly and logistics planners work synergistically

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