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Optimal Assembly Line Utilization and Personnel Planning

(Since 2019, Max Holder GmbH has been fully integrated into the group of companies of Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG).

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The optimal utilization of your assembly line is a decisive factor of your success, but with a large number of variants this is easier said than done. Excel tables quickly reach their limits. When the assembly line is not running smoothly employees are not optimally utilized. Does this situation sound all too familiar? Then read further to find out how Max Holder GmbH was able to solve both problems at once.

The company

Max Holder GmbH (now Kärcher Municipal GmbH) produces multifunctional system vehicles worldwide for a wide range of demanding tasks. This refers to power and maneuverability in the smallest of spaces, such as sweepers, mowers or snow clearing vehicles for winter service in municipal use. The Reutlingen-based company, which has been part of the Kärcher Group since 2019, also manufactures sophisticated special vehicles for orchards and vineyards.

The Kärcher Group is a leading global provider of cleaning technology and high-pressure cleaners. It develops and produces innovative solutions for private households, trade and industry. The focus is on quality, sustainability and efficiency.

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Florian Sacu

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Max Holder GmbH faced the following challenges

Max Holder GmbH manufactures and sells multifunctional vehicles for the most diverse and demanding tasks worldwide. This includes power and maneuverability in the smallest of spaces, such as sweepers, mowers, or snow ploughs for snow removal services in municipal applications. The Reutlingen-based company, which has been part of the Kärcher Group since 2019, also manufactures sophisticated vehicles for fruit and wine cultivation.

Holder manufactures a large and diverse number of vehicle models for many different areas of application. This posed a challenge for Holder when it came to daily staff planning and optimal assembly line balancing.

Using extensive Excel tables and PowerPoint slides, personnel scheduling was elaborately planned by hand. Resource planning was based on average values from the past and data for more precise calculations and better productivity of employees was not available.

The result: Personnel scheduling was tedious, employees were not being optimally utilized and assembly processes were not being ideally planned.

Would you like to know how Max Holder GmbH was able to achieve optimal employee and assembly line utilization in only three steps? Find out more.

Goals for Improvement for Max Holder GmbH

By using ipolog as a digital planning and management tool the following goals could be achieved:

  • The three existing assembly lines could be merged into a single assembly line in the new warehouse.
  • Increased productivity could be achieved through improved personnel scheduling.
  • ipolog software could be utilized for the planning of the new warehouse as well as for daily operations.

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More Information

The solution steps of ipolog, the planning and management tool

1. Import

Import existing material lists and process procedures

2. Layout Planning

Layout planning for the new warehouse: import processes and consolidate the three assembly lines into one. Optimize the material zones using 3D visualization.

3. Data Collection

Collect precise process times via REFA. Survey employee competencies, product rules and product configurations.

4. Data Integration

Integrate precise production programs, vacation schedules, cycle times and employee competencies. All information can be displayed directly in ipolog.

5. Optimization

New planning of assembly line processes: Based on the integrated data, assembly processes are newly planned and visualized.

Achieved Results and Improvements

Crucial data is now stored in the planning and management tool ipolog. This allows for continuous planning and management.

This newfound success with ipolog is not just perceived but can also be objectively measured. Holder has achieved a more efficient balancing of the assembly line and improved personnel planning.


  • 50% time savings in resource planning
  • Simplification of employee scheduling and roster creation
  • Each employee receives an overview with important information related to their tasks
  • The amount of work required for each production order can be precisely determined
  • 10% gain in efficiency for assembly line workers
  • Rescheduling is fast and easy and can be achieved with the push of a button
  • Product range changes can be directly adjusted in ipolog
  • Rescheduling staff and creating substitution plans is straightforward and simple

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