Webinar - Dynamic Tugger Trains: From Digital Planning to Live Operation

Webinar | Dynamic Tugger Trains: From Digital Planning to Live Operation

Are you faced with the following challenges while planning your tugger trains?

  • Classically timed tugger trains work but they are not efficient
  • Tugger trains first need to be implemented - preferably right the first time
  • Tugger trains without real-time support are rigid and inflexible
  • There’s no transparency concerning the actual utilization of tugger trains

      We understand these challenges. Using the right tools can make your planning easier! We'll show you how effortless logistics planning can be with the right tool in our free live webinar.

      Webinar Takeaways

      • How to make your tugger trains more efficient and save costs
      • The advantages of dynamic tugger trains
      • A concrete approach to planning or rescheduling tugger trains - flexible and right the first time!
      • What a software-based implementation of tugger train management with SAP looks like
      • Suitable tools for analyzing and optimizing your tugger trains

      Learning Points

      We'll show you to how to plan dynamic tugger trains with ipolog and how to implement operation with SAP using the FLX-TLS:

      • How dynamic tugger trains can be planned for a new plant (Greenfield)

      • How exsiting material flows can be replanned to use dynamic tugger trains (Brownfield)

      • How operational dynamic control of tugger trains can be done on the basis of SAP

      • How easy the monitoring of key figures and ongoing optimization can be with the right tool

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      Our Presenters

      Tobias Heubeck - Flexus AG
      Tobias Heubeck is Head of Sales at Flexus AG. Using his years of experience and clever solutions, he strives to sustainably improve companies' intralogistics.

      Tobias Herwig - ipolog GmbH:
      Tobias Herwig is an expert in  assembly and logistics digitalization. He ist Head of Marketing and Sales at ipolog GmbH and hosts the podcast "Factory of the Future" on LinkedIn.

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        Presenter: ipolog GmbH

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        Presenter: Flexus AG

        ipolog Kontakt - Tobias Herwig

        Tobias Heubeck | Flexus AG

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        Mail: t.heubeck@flexus.net