3D Shelf Planning with the Swipe of a Finger

Mar 19, 2015

Planning and ordering individual shelves made easy: The 3D shelf configurator provides a manufacturer platform and reduces the time required.

No more tiresome quotes, drawings and correspondence: shelves for production companies can now be ordered on a tablet with the swipe of a finger. What has long been part of everyday life at Amazon & Co. is now also coming to the planning industry. Several shelving manufacturers have joined forces on the joint platform IPO.Rack, where they offer an attractive selection of shelves. The 3D shelf configurator is child’s play to use and in just a few minutes the individually adapted shelf is ready to be ordered.

What seems like the logical way to order something is basically unknown in this field. Some manufacturers offer their own configurators, but until now there has not been a standard platform. 4D planning expert IPO.Plan brings planners and shelf manufacturers together with its configurator. An individual shelf can be set up from different shelves and options with a few clicks of the mouse or swipe of a finger. Structural restrictions are stored in the configurator, as are the parts list and the 3D drawing. This simplifies the coordination process and considerably reduces the time required on both sides. Everyone knows what they are talking about and misunderstandings can be cleared up in advance. The configurator is easy to understand and intuitive to use.