4D Planning Tool IPO.Log Makes Optimization Potential Visible

Mar 3, 2014

Otto had an idea: he wanted to fly like a bird. If only…

… he would have had the tool IPO.Log, with which his planning experiments could be easily checked. Who knows? Maybe he could have given up countless failed attempts until he invented the flying machine…

It’s a lot easier these days than it was in Otto Lilienthal’s day. There are countless electronic aids for planning production and assembly lines. IPO.Log offers the unique advantage of combining planning data, virtual reality and simulations in 3D & real time. The 4D planning and visualization tool helps planners to carry out production planning quickly, reliably and efficiently.

The new IPO.Log video with the main actor Otto shows this in an entertaining way. Optimization potential becomes visible because all information can be seen at a glance: Material, worker, production environment, line, product, work processes and utilization levels.

IPO.Log can be used wherever there are recurring activities. In line production as well as for individual workstations or in supermarket planning. The tool produces fast results, for example, to optimize routes – with the click of a mouse. Changes can be checked immediately for their effect: If a shelf is moved to another position, the system immediately calculates and displays whether this shortens worker routes and frees up capacity. This speed leads to competitive advantages.