Flexible Cell Production: Real Simulation Values Instead of Vague Theoretical Concepts

Oct 1, 2018

Leonberg, 01.10.18 IPO.Plan GmbH Simulates Flexible Cell Production with Real Data for the First Time! First Customer Project Already Successfully Completed

First results at the Motek 2018:

Presentation for representatives of the press at the opening press conference on 8 October – 11am.

Contact for questions in hall 7 – “Arena of Integration” – booth 7525.

Further information is available at www.flexcell.info

Details and concrete figures at the 8th Innovation Forum 2018 – 8 October:

Keynote “flexible cell production – the future of vehicle assembly?”

Lecturers: Dr. Daniel Küpper, Partner and Managing Director, Dr.-Ing. Christoph Sieben, Project Leader -The Boston Consulting Group

Flexible cell production or classic line? Increasing product diversity and individualization is forcing us to rethink. The study shows: With flexible assembly systems, companies remain competitive at home and abroad.

In flexible cells, the products themselves look for the next place of work. The algorithm developed with real data calculates the optimal allocation of assembly orders to suitable assembly cells. The planning software ipolog simulates and optimizes not only the cell distribution but also the necessary intralogistics. The basis is the “digital twin” for production and logistics.