International Red Dot Award for Flying Planners

Oct 5, 2014

Flying engineer explains IPO.Log and inspires Red Dot judging panel.

Explaining software is no easy task. Especially when it comes to production planning software and the 4th dimension comes into play. Manufacturer IPO.Plan has obtained support from the agency Spotentwicklung. “Our goal is to get to the heart of companies, brands or products,” explains Theo Eißler, owner and creative director of Spotentwicklung. “We are all the more pleased that we have been able to achieve a spot landing at the renowned Red Dot Award for the third time with such work”.

In the award-winning commercial film, the viewer witnesses many crash landings of the aviation pioneer Otto. If only he had had the possibilities offered by the planning tool IPO.Log. He could have saved himself many crash landings and moved his flying object faster. An entertaining, well-made film with a serious background. The 4D planning tool offers new possibilities for production planners to save time and money – and to make production more efficient. The film helps planners and decision makers grasp the quintessence in 100 seconds. The 4D view of complicated and extensive production details leads to a new form of planning work.

Not only are the customers enthusiastic about Otto – the judging panel is too. At the Red Dot Design Award 2014 the works were evaluated in 16 different categories. The judges paid particular attention to design quality, originality, clarity, emotion and craftsmanship. For judge Thebe Ikalafeng, good design solutions are already reflected in the details: “It’s not always about a great identity – it’s about the message and the structure.”