IPO.Eye Awarded the Industry Prize BEST OF 2015

May 11, 2015

Judging Panel Recognizes the 3D Acquisition Robot as an Innovative Solution

The 3D acquisition robot IPO.Eye was again awarded the industry prize 2015 BEST OF. For the second year in a row our innovative solution was awarded this coveted prize.

“To me, being innovative means achieving high added value with an easy-to-use product based on complex technology,” explains Prof. Dr. Altmeyer. The specialist in 3D measuring processes holds a chair at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and was a member of the judging panel for the Industry Prize 2014. 

The robot’s task is to capture production environments such as shelves, machines or parts of buildings in three dimensions. It moves quickly along the objects and simultaneously creates 3D data. These can be processed directly in JT data format. Work processes are barely disrupted during the scanning process. Normally, the data is obtained using as-built surveys and laser scanning methods. Employees often feel that they are being monitored, production has to be interrupted, data acquisition takes a lot of time and the entire process is very expensive.

The mobile 3D robot eliminates these disadvantages. It can record up to 12 meters per minute. The new technology is not based on laser scanning and thus produces fast and reliable results. For manufacturing companies that need 3D data for planning, working with this robot adds value. The robot is already used in the automotive industry, but also in medium-sized companies.

Further information is available at www.ipoeye.de