IPO.Plan Invites You to the Innovation Forum on October 8, 2018

Sep 6, 2018

Our innovation forum is an event for experts from logistics, production & project management.

The 8th Innovation Forum on October 8, 2018 in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart adheres to the motto the motto, “always | focused | available”. In the congress center “Das K”, the focus on this day will be on project cooperation, logistics optimization and the factory of the future. In exciting lectures, interactive workshops and short training sessions, planners, IT managers and decision-makers will be presented with profitable ideas and tools for optimizing their everyday work and can try them out immediately.

In the keynote “always | focused | available”, Holger Lörz, CEO of Actano GmbH, will show how new dimensions of project collaboration become possible in a “Collaboration Room”. The participants will experience how they can manage their projects in a goal-oriented manner by ensuring the flow of information in their project team and thus saving themselves unnecessary communication channels.

In the presentation “Flexible cell production – the future of vehicle assembly?”, the Boston Consulting Group will show how new concepts for the automobile factory of the future were analyzed with the help of modern simulation by the company IPO.Plan and present astonishing results.

In interactive workshop blocks you can discuss and try out the practical implementation yourself. It will be demonstrated how digital supplier management can be used by all parties involved to plan together. How agile task management can be implemented in connection with Business-Instant Messaging is also part of the program.

The 8th Innovation Forum will be topped off with short training sessions. Participants in the seminar on tugger train planning can learn how to use IPO.Log software to advance their planning in a targeted manner, or they can independently plan material supply. Subsequently, the participants will receive a personal certificate and a free IPO.Log license until January 2019.

The 8th Innovation Forum of IPO.Plan GmbH is organized in cooperation with Actano GmbH. Decision-makers and experts from logistics, production and project management will be given a platform to exchange views on the challenges of the future. Numerous guests, who have already visited previous events of this kind in the past, appreciate the digital focus and the relevancy of the topics.