IPO.Plan Invites to the Innovation Forum

Aug 29, 2017

The 7th Innovation Forum on October 19, 2017 in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart will combine for the first time key topics of project planning with those of factory and logistics planning. In the Congress Center K, the focus will be on the “digitalization of collaboration”, whose opportunities will be presented to planners, IT managers and decision makers in lectures, workshops and software presentations.

The 7th Innovation Forum of IPO.Plan GmbH will be organized for the first time in cooperation with Actano GmbH under the umbrella of Actano Holding. Like-minded people and experts from logistics, production and project management will be given a forum to exchange views on the challenges of the future. In the modern culture and congress center of the city of Kornwestheim, visitors will learn about joint innovations such as RPLAN 4D. This software demonstrates the potential of combining project management and 3D factory planning. Using VR glasses, participants will experience live how vividly project management and collaborative project control can be experienced using 3D scenarios.

The keynote on the topic of “Project Management in Times of Digitalization and Work 4.0” will be held by Holger Lörz, CEO of Actano GmbH and a proven expert in modern project management methods.

IPO.Plan presents an outstanding innovation with IPO.Log 4, a software for the continuous planning of production logistics and assembly. The processes are dynamically calculated “line-back” from production through various storage levels and transports back to goods receipt. This enables detailed statements to be made about the time and resources required.

In the afternoon, three workshops are offered in parallel in two blocks. This allows each participant to decide for themself whether they wants to deal in detail with factory and logistics planning or project management of the future. For this purpose a combination of RPLAN Enterprise, the leading software for project management in the automotive industry, with RPLAN Connect, the innovative solution for operational areas, small businesses or suppliers, will be presented. How an agile project management of the future will benefit from RPLAN Workstreams will be part of the program as well as the use of CCPM approaches in collaborative planning.

Due to the range of topics from artificial intelligence to resource planning and supplier management, the Innovation Forum has certainly earned its name.