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The rapid growth of the entire logistics sector as well as the increasing individualization of products, shorter delivery times, and greater product availability increases the demands on warehouse planning. The modern intelligent warehouse must therefore be in sync with the diverse requirements of customers and be able to flexibly adapt to changes in the market.

Here you can discover the best way to achieve warehouse space optimization. Our ipolog software supports you every step of the way.

Use your available space as effectively as possible! With ipolog, the focus is on maximum supply security at minimum cost.

ipolog warehouse optimization software provides a cutting-edge approach to digital warehouse planning. With its sophisticated algorithms, ipolog offers the ideal solution for digital visualization and warehouse planning.

Find out how you can best utilize your space with our warehouse planning software.

Why is the optimal use of space an important factor of success?

Do you not have enough space in your warehouse and would like to keep inventory as low as possible in order to minimize capital commitment costs? At the same time, are you faced with the challenge of having to store more and more diverse products? This problem will quickly overwhelm Excel spreadsheets!

Your warehouse structure must be highly flexible in order to guarantee supply for downstream areas. Being well positioned to face these growing demands is not easy.

Warehouse planning includes the measuring, structuring and organization of a warehouse. The detailed planning of a warehouse deals with the optimal placement of the goods inside.

Do you also face the following challenges in your warehouse planning?

  • Lack of warehouse space

    Is there not enough space in your warehouse and you would like to keep your inventory as low as possible to minimize captial commitment costs?

  • Inflexible storage structure

    Does your warehouse structure need to be highly flexible in order to ensure supply for downstream areas as well?

  • Large product variety

    Are you faced with the challenge of having to store increasingly more diverse products? Have you reached the limits of what Excel spreadsheets can do?

These challenges in warehouse optimization must be met with automation, high-tech solutions and efficient technology. A software like ipolog shows you potential and allows you to use your space more efficiently.

These are the advantages of warehouse planning software

If your warehouse planning is carried out in a program like ipolog, the digital image of your warehouse can be visualized at an early stage of planning and bottlenecks and errors in planning can be detected quickly.

Our ipolog software helps you to optimize the use of your available space. By automatically placing material on surfaces and shelves, a more advanced planning stage can be quickly reached.

Warehouse layout planning is possible with just a few clicks. Even warehouse restructuring planning can be achieved quickly per drag-and-drop so that the effects are immediately visible.

warehouse storage solutions simulated in the ipolog software

Why should you use ipolog software for your warehouse planning and optimization?

In the past, logistics centers were mainly characterized by pallet logistics for B2B customers. Today increasing online trade and the focus on B2C has greatly increased the complexity of warehouse planning. As a result, cost pressures are rising and competition is increasing. With sophisticated warehouse optimization in our ipolog software you are well prepared for current and future challenges.

Experience the advantages of warehouse planning in ipolog:

  • Easy data import

    ipolog has unique algorithms that automatically fill storage areas and shelf levels on the basis of easy-to-process data (from Excel, CAD, etc.).

  • Compare scenarios quickly and easily

    The connection between material and storage location allows for easy testing and visual comparison of scenarios and structural variants.

  • 3D-visualization

    Due to the digital 3D image, a visualization of the warehouse can be made in the early planning stages and errors can be avoided.

  • Quick planning

    Due to the simple preparation and model creation, planning can be completed quickly.

  • All in one step

    Warehouse layout and detailed planning is completed in one step.

See for yourself how other customers have already successfully used ipolog.

Five steps to perfect warehouse planning

In just a few steps you can optimize your warehouse planning in ipolog. After learning the software, you can immediately begin making improvements in the utilization of your warehouse. Here are the steps to success:

  • 1. Layout scenarios

    Storage areas are precisely mapped in ipolog.

  • 2. Prepare data

    Data preparation of the materials to be stored in ipolog (typically from Excel).

  • 3. Define storage type

    Decision on a storage type (e.g. block storage, shelf storage or automated storage).

  • 4. Select a concept

    Decide on a chaotic storage or a fixed place allocation of your materials and continue working with it in ipolog.

  • 5. Detailed planning

    Make changes and immediately see the effect on your warehouse planning.

Would you like to begin optimizing your warehouse right away? Then get started with our software! We will gladly discuss your individual requirements in a free live web demo.

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