Webinar Recording - Say Goodbye to Idling Forklifts & Tugger trains: Optimize Your Capacity!

Webinar Recording

Say Goodbye to Idling Forklifts & Tugger trains: Optimize Your Capacity!

Webinar Details

An ever increasing product and variant diversity often leads to bottlenecks in logistics and assembly. Means of transport such as tugger trains, AGVs and forklifts are an expensive and scarce resource. Perfect timing matters!

In the webinar "Say Goodbye to Idling Forklifts & Tugger Trains: Optimize Your Capacity!" our experts will demonstrate how to plan the means of transport so that your tugger trains, forklifts and AGVs are in the right place at the right time. Finally an end to empty runs and standstills!

Webinar Takeaways:

  • How transport resources can be planned correctly with ipolog
  • How easy it can be to calculate actual transportation requirements
  • Which advantages an automated tugger train configuration offers
  • How the workload can be improved by turning the right "gears"

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Webinar Recording

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