Webinar: Say Goodbye to Idling Forklifts & Tugger Trains

Webinar: Say Goodbye to Idling Forklifts & Tugger Trains

Webinar Details

When planning your tugger trains, forklifts and AGVs, do the following questions always arise?

  • How many means of transport are actually necessary?
  • How can the means of transport be correctly implemented?
  • How do external factors affect the planning process?
  • How can empty runs and downtimes be avoided?

We understand these challenges. Our software has been especially designed for stressed planners and project managers. There is a better way!

In our free webinar "Say Goodbye to Idling Forklifts & Tugger Trains- Optimize Your Capacity Utilization" we will demonstrate how easy means of transport planning can be with the right tool.

Focus Points

We will demonstrate in this webinar how you can plan and optimize your means of transport quickly and easily:
  • How transport resources can be planned correctly with ipolog.

  • How easy it can be to calculate actual transportation requirements.

  • Which advantages an automated tugger train configuration offers.

  • How the workload can be improved by turning the right "gears".

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