Check and optimize material supply with checklist. Digitalize material zone. Adapt racks to material zone

Material Supply Checklist

Material Zones and Rack Planning in Check

Material Supply Checklist: Check Your Material Zones and Racks

Material supply in response to demand is becoming increasingly important. Due to the constantly increasing variety of products and variants, there are more and more bottlenecks in the material area. Are you aware of how much optimization potential there is for your company in material supply alone? 

Our checklist will give you an initial overview of the situation on site:


Your next step: digitalize your material supply chain

Any production can only function efficiently if sufficient material is available at the right place. However, as the products to be produced become more and more complex, the provision of resources can hardly be mastered without digital help. You will reach your limits with Excel.

With ipolog software, you can plan your material zones easily and effectively and have your planning displayed in 3D. It does not matter whether you are using KANBAN or other control systems. Bidirectional exchange with CAD systems such as AutoCAD and MicroStation allows you to use your existing layouts and visualize all planning results in one overall layout.

By using ipolog, you reduce the planning time for material supply in production, assembly or logistics. At the push of a button, the required material is placed on the line in 3D based on the assembly processes. This allows you to see at a very early stage where there is not enough space and to decide at an early stage which part numbers need to be sequenced or staged in a set. You can quickly and easily try out and compare different staging concepts.

Do you also think that your material zones need to be fundamentally optimized? In our webinar "Optimize Your Assembly: From Idea to Reality in 5 Steps" we will show how you can get the most out of your material zones with software support.
On-Demand Webinar: Optimize Your Assembly

Why is a well-run material supply important?

Lack of space on the production line, increased competition on the market and constantly rising customer demands are a reality. Are you worried that you are not optimally equipped for the future? Are you well aware of these challenges?
  • Not enough space

    Space is money! You have hardly any space for a material supply that meets your needs.

  • Not enough time

    Actually, you need too much time to deal with the elaborate planning of your material supply.

  • Missing overview

    You are often on the verge of losing an overview. It is often unclear which resources are located where.

  • Too slow

    With manual tools like Visio, PowerPoint or Excel you reach your limits. Adjustments mess up your entire plan.

It doesn't have to be this way!
With our ipolog software, we give you an effective tool with which you can master your challenges in material supply and beyond.

Our ipolog planning and management software enables ideal layout planning: hall layout, material areas, cycles, spatial data (such as columns, stairs, ventilation pipes) - everything has its place and is correctly recorded in the plan. During assembly planning, you know exactly at which takt what is to be installed. On this basis, the material can be placed accordingly. Learn more about assembly planning here.

Container and rack planning: In ipolog, you can see what resources are to be placed on the material surfaces. In addition, you can see the exact arrangement and positioning of part numbers in the specified bins with our user-friendly visual display. In addition, staging concepts such as sequences, carset or shopping cart can be mapped. To keep walking distances for assembly workers as short as possible, material supply must be designed in a sensible way. ipolog supports you in avoiding non-value-adding trips to fetch material.

Would you like to start optimizing your material supply right away? Then start your pilot project with us!

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